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Environment Agency says it has shut 370 illegal sites in 12 months

The Environment Agency claims it hs shutdown almost half of illegal car scrapyards in the past year.

The Agency says it has shut down 370 sites in England and Wales, where scrapyards were not followng correct End-of-Life Vehicle (ELVs) and scrap metal procedures. It is estimated the closed down scrapyards were handling £30 million of business a year.

Phil Gibbon, the scrapyard regulator’s project manager, said: “Illegal car scrapyards are huge problem for the environment. We’re tackling it through a combination of penalties, partnerships and awareness-raising among legal businesses. “We’d much rather encourage businesses to act responsibly – which we’re doing by providing them with support and advice. But where we need to get tough, we will prosecute operators who don’t hold permits or comply with permit conditions.

"The courts can impose prison sentences, fines, anti-social behaviour orders, community service, curfews and seize assets gained through the proceeds of crime.”

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