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Future Honda vehicle could parallel park at right angles to itself

Honda could use the multi-directional wheel technology from its U3-X single wheeler in an electric car to create a vehicle that could parallel park at right angles to itself.

Shin-ichiro Kobashi, one of the U3-X's developers, said that the device's omni-directional wheel has "other possibilites" aside from its use in the personal mobility device.

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"There is no specific concept yet'" he said, but confirmed that Honda is looking at other uses for the technology including in its car and motorbike divisions.

The omni-traction drive system uses a series of small wheels arranged around the outside of a larger single wheel. The small wheels can spin at right angles to the large central wheel, enabling the U3-X to move in any direction.

The rider controls the device by leaning in the desired direction, which alters their centre of gravity and the U3-X responds.

Honda is developing the U3-X as a personal mobility device, but in an automotive application the omni wheel could be incorporated into in-wheel motors, giving an electric car the ability to slide into a parking space at right angles.

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catnip 22 October 2009

Re: Honda's self-parallel parking tech

Why do cars need self parking technology?

Surely driving is all about being able to control your vehicle safely in all situations, and parking is just one situation you will come across on your daily journey. If you can't place your vehicle in a confined space then you should learn how to. Its not exactly difficult!