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Firm will introduce the technology within five years

Honda is working on active aerodynamics for its next generation of cars, and will introduce the technology within five years.

Nobuki Ebisawa, Honda's R and D managing director, said active aero would be introduced to get away from the high, cut off tail that characterises cars such as the Insight and forthcoming CR-Z.

This is the optimum shape for improving air flow over the roof and rear of the car.

But Ebisawa said there were other solutions to cutting drag and improving aerodynamic efficiency that wouldn't have such an effect on the way a car looked.

Dan Stevens

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Scoobman 23 October 2009

Re: Honda working on active aero

It will be interesting to see Honda's aero designs. The Kamm-style cut-off tail of most current cars isn't pretty, but it is aerodynamically very effective and much more practical for interior space than the teardrop-shaped tail pioneered by Jaray.

AwakeSpectator 23 October 2009

Re: Honda working on active aero

Recognizing the fact that aesthetics happen to be an integral part of humans can only be appreciated. I can only appreciate the approach which incorporates style as an essential part. Even though active dynamics already are part of some high end production vehicles like the Veyron and the newly launched Mclaren sports car - a fact which should help keep the cost down - the decision to introduce this particular technology in smaller sports cars just to improve the exterior design is a pleasing one.