Currently reading: Hammond 'ends war on motorists'
Speed camera, clamping firm and road-charging curbs

The new transport minister, Philip Hammond, has pledged to end Labour's "war on motorists" by clamping down on speed cameras, clamping firms and plans for road charging.

Hammond said, "Motoring has got to get greener, but the car is not going to go away."

He also confirmed that the coalition government will halt funding to fixed-position speed cameras. Councils can still fund the cameras, but any money earned will go to the Treasury.

Hammond has also pledged to curb unlicensed clamping firms, and - in a move that is at odds with the Liberal Democrats' pre-election pledges - ruled out the introduction of road charging plans.

However, he refused to rule out charging tolls on new roads.

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J3rrYcid 22 February 2013

I am for clamping speed

I am for clamping speed cameras on areas that really don’t need any, not on areas that do need these.  Similar to one of the comments, in our neighborhood, there are two parts or areas, where the speed limit is set at 30mph for certain stretches of road, but since there is no speed camera, car owners take it for granted and speed thru these stretches of road above the set limit. It took one fatal accident involving two children who got into a hit-and-run, and were injured badly. Only then they had speed cameras installed and eventually controlled the speed limit. But I am not for clamping firms, too, that sometimes just clamp happily without you knowing what parking rule you have violated.


Deathrace2000 19 September 2012


At last.  I'm fed up having to put my foot on the brake just to avoid more points sooner the yellow boxes go the better.  Far as Im concerned if someone steps into my way they asked for it, the road is for cars not for people after all.  Keep kids off the road too, pain in my backside having to slow for them all the time but least it dont cost much if you mow one of the little buggers down eh?!  Hammond doing great job I think.

venture 15 May 2010

Re: Hammond 'ends war on motorists'

I just got a letter from DVLA asking me for £245 for 12 months road tax.

Why doesn't Philip Hammond let us pay by direct debit - twenty pounds a month is a much better deal than sticking £245 on my credit card.

We pay TV licence and council tax via direct debit - why not road tax.

Give us a break Philip - it must be easy!