Hydrogen-powered fuel cell car is gunning for 200mph at Bonneville
11 July 2007

Ford is planning an assault on the speed record for fuel cell cars at Bonneville this August, in a specially made Fusion Hydrogen 999. The record the Ford team is going for is the world speed record for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) fuel cell cars; that is cars substantially based on a production car from a major manufacturer. The Fusion is a US saloon that’s in no way related to the lanky Fiesta of the same name we get here in Europe. Even so, this is no ordinary Fusion."We have made some modifications to the body to make it more aerodynamic," said lead engineer Matt Zuehlk. "The 999 is much lower to the ground. There are no mirrors on the vehicle, and the traditional grille in the front that lets air into the radiator is not there because we don't have a radiator onboard."Ford is making the Hydrogen 999 in collaboration with a team from Ohio State University. While they’re at Bonneville, they will also be making an attempt on the speed record for "unlimited class fuel cell vehicles", in a contraption called the Buckeye Bullet 2.This bespoke machine looks much more like traditional speed record vehicles such as the JCB DieselMax. It uses hydrogen that supplies two fuel cells that power electric motors. Its predecessor, Buckeye Bullet 1, currently holds the international land speed record for electric vehicles at 271.737mph, but it has hit 321mph. This time around they’re planning to hit 350mph.

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6 March 2009

I'm glad to see Ford in to the land speed trials.Land speed racing has so much history, fun, and just plain good sportsmanship and to see Ford get this interested makes me like Ford more and more. They didn't take the government bailout and they are running the business like a business and not a charity.

There is a ton of history, advancement and innovation has come from land speed racing. Groups like the San Diego Roadster Club, The Bean Bandits, The Sidewinders, etc are the reason this type of racing is so fun and at the same time respected.

To check out one of the oldest clubs the Bean Bandits, take a look at their blog;


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