Currently reading: Ford Fusion manages 85mpg
Hybrid breaks world record for fuel consumption

A Ford Fusion Hybrid has broken a world record by travelling 1445 miles on a single tank of fuel.

By using what Ford describes as "mileage-maximizing techniques", a team of drivers averaged 85mpg, the best ever for a petrol-powered, mid-size saloon.

The car was unmodified and the drivers used simple techniques such as smooth acceleration and coasting to red lights to almost double the car’s official range.

After more than 69 continuous hours of driving, the Fusion Hybrid finally ran out of fuel and came to a stop with an odometer reading of 1445.7 miles.

Nancy Gioia, director of hybrid vehicle programs, said: “Not only does this demonstrate the Fusion Hybrid’s fuel efficiency, it also shows that driving technique is one of the keys to maximizing its potential."

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