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New Ford Focus RS buyers told they won't get a car until September

Potential buyers of the Ford Focus RS are being warned that they won't get a car until at least September, due to massive demand.

Ford has been inundated with deposits for the Focus RS since it was first displayed at last year's British Motor Show.

In total, 4000 Focus RSs will be sold in the UK, with 8000 being made overall.

More than 2000 deposits have so far been taken in the UK, but to satisfy global demand new UK buyers will now be told that the earliest they can expect take delivery of a car is September.

A Ford spokesman added that the first cars ordered are expected to reach UK customers during April, following minor delays as a result of shortened working hours at the factory in Saarlouis where the Focus RS is built.

Ford recently announced that the price of the Focus RS will rise from £24,995 to £25,740 from April 1.


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