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The new look Autocar magazine is on sale today, packed with more news, drives, features and opinions

The new look Autocar magazine goes on sale today, packed with more news, drives, features and opinions – including a 16-page Aston Martin special starring an exclusive ride in the £1.4m Aston Martin One-77.

To celebrate the fact, we’ve produced free Aston Martin One-77 wallpaper, shot exclusively by Autocar's Stan Papior.

Watch our exclusive Aston Martin One-77 video feature

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Autocar magazineThe new look magazine features more of our best-loved content; more news, bigger pictures, more on the major new cars, more opinion from our best-loved columnists, including Steve Cropley, Steve Sutcliffe, James Ruppert and Hilton Holloway; more features by the best writers in the business, and a new section, Deals, which features new and used car buying advice from industry experts.

To launch the new look magazine, we’ve produced a massive 124-page issue. The Aston Martin special includes the One-77 ride, a look at the Aston Zagato union and an analysis of the future of Aston. Other highlights are an Alpina D5 vs BMW M5 head-to-head, a look back at the classic 205 GTI to coincide with the launch of the new 208 GTI and the road test of the new BMW 3-series.

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Exclusive Aston Martin One-77 wallpaper

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Lesia44 13 March 2012

Re: New-look Autocar magazine on sale today

Colonel Snappy wrote:
Well said, Kraftwerk!

Colonel Snappy 13 March 2012

Re: New-look Autocar magazine on sale today

mrcliodCi wrote:
I liked the new format but was aghast to see yet another BMW road test in it. Can we go a little easy on these and Porsche 911's, please? There are other cars on the market.

You're absolutely right - Autocar should ignore two of the most important car launches of the year because some half-wit on the internet doesn't like them.

Colonel Snappy 13 March 2012

Re: New-look Autocar magazine on sale today

kraftwerk wrote:

Given the number of site users who do nothing but complain and bitch and moan about absolutely anything and everything - the price of the mag, the quality of the mag, the amount of content that appears both in the mag and on the site, how they're not going to buy the mag anymore, the news is wrong, the content isn't to their liking, why are Autocar telling us this, is this really news?, why do I bother with this? who cares about that?, why does the new 911 look like the old 911? and ad nauseam bore, bore, bore, I'm surprised that box lasted as long as it did.

I've been reading Autocar for 30-odd years; I don't buy it to read what 'the reader' thinks. No-one does. It's always the same dozen-odd bores whose names appear anyway, with some poor staffer assigned to wading through and correcting their poorly-constructed chunderings, it must be the Autocar office-equivalent of shovelling manure.

Well said, Kraftwerk!