Currently reading: EU wants 40% road death fall
Sweden's example will be followed to try and reach the figure

European road deaths will be cut by 40 per cent by 2020 if the EU’s latest ten-year road safety action programme succeeds.

The EU also plans to cut accidents involving serious lasting injuries by 20 per cent as part of its latest plans.

It plans to shift focus towards cutting speeding, drink-driving, and the non-use of seat belts and child safety restraints. Badly designed road infrastructures and vehicles, and the rising death toll of motorcyclists are other issues it will be addressing.

The EU plans to follow Sweden’s example in cutting road deaths. The country has educated its people about the dangers of drink-driving and speed, and the importance of wearing seatbelts As a result it now has the lowest number of road deaths by capita in Europe.

In total, 39,000 lives were lost on European roads in 2008, 15,400 less than in 2001.

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