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The Autocar Car News Feed app delivers all the latest car news straight to your iOS device
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6 May 2014

Keen to get the latest and greatest news straight to your phone? Our new Car News Feed app allows you to do just that.

The free app, which is available for iOS devices, offers up Autocar's first drives and news in a mobile-friendly format.

It's designed specifically for mobile devices and offers quick and easy access to our latest content.

You can even tailor the stories that are delivered to your phone by selecting from categories such as motorsport, design, industry and concept cars.

The app is currently available for iPhone and iPad; an Android version is planned.

Get the new Autocar Car News Feed app here.

Don't forget that you can also download Autocar's free Car Name Game for iOS devices.

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3 May 2014
I just wondered why your apps and games are only available for Apple IOS devices? You do realise that IOS smart devices are in the minority and that you're therefore excluding the majority of your readers who have Android or Windows phones and tablets?

14 January 2015
Android has sold more handsets than iOS. Unquestionable fact. But the majority of sales are low cost units to people that barely use it as a smartphone, let alone surf the net. If you look at Internet traffic usage, iOS dominates Android. That's why Microsoft ported Office first to iOS, is planning on Android next then Windows Phone.

Autocar's audience is predominantly iOS - that makes you special :-) - and is why CarPlay will walk all over Android's ICE offering.

I've got the numbers if you want, don't want to appear anal.

3 May 2014
I'd like to join the above plea. iOS phones/tablets are sold is lower numbers than Android devices. You should realise that and make stuff at least for iOS AND Android! The Apple obsession by some is really annoying. Thanks.

4 May 2014
Do not have any iOS device. Android device only!!!

4 May 2014
Hey, don't forget the huge volume of Android users - Apples are not the only fruit!

5 May 2014
Easy Android lovers, you'll get your app. Just think of those poor Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry users who aren't getting them

6 May 2014
Android has the biggest market share and should have been a priority over Apple, but then again you would have thought a "MEDIA" company as big as Haymarket could have developed apps for both platforms simultaneously.

23 August 2014
Auto care has launched a new app named as Car News Feed. The app will provide all information regarding cars to the users. Every user wants car news to know the regular activities of car industries. But they can't find all data in one place. They generally go for magazines, News Media etc. It's also helpful but too time taking process. The Car News Feed will help them by supplying correct data at a time.

14 January 2015
Since a few days, when I click on any news item - the app bombs out. Deleted and reloaded to no avail.

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