Renault UK has decided not to launch the Dacia Sandero hatchback at the Lonodon motor show
19 June 2008

Renault UK has abandoned plans to launch the Dacia Sandero budget hatchback at next month’s London Motor Show.The company says that demand for left-hand drive Dacias is still so high that the start of right-hand drive production has been put back. Nearly 100 Renault dealers were poised to sign-up to sell the Romanian-built model, which will be badged ‘Dacia by Renault’ in the UK. The marketing plan was to price the Sandero from just £7500 – despite its supermini-plus dimensions.Dealers have been told that the Sandero’s market launch has been postponed by 12 months until late 2009. The company’s preview event for dealers has been cancelled – and the UK media launch has also been axed.The delay is bad news for Renault’s hard-pressed dealers. Sales of the new Laguna have disappointed in the UK, and the brand has registered a 13.5 per cent decline in sales in the year to the end of May.Renault bosses in the UK are frustrated by the delay – the Dacia brand is intended to rival Chevrolet, Kia and Hyundai. Frustrations have been compounded by the fact a small Dacia SUV will be launched in other countries by the end of next year.

Hugh Hunston

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19 June 2008

Left-hand drive markets always seem to get their way - and we're always left waiting here in the UK. I'd read somewhere else that the brand wouldn't be here until at least February 2010, which is about 18 months from now - when the Sandero will start to look a bit old, and with new rivals on the way such as the Volkswagen Up! and Fiat Global Small Car, the Dacia will start to look less appealing. I bet dealers are frustrated, and to be honest, I think Carlos Ghosn and Patrick Pelata are making a little bit of a mess.

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19 June 2008

To begin with "Nearly 100 Renault dealers were poised to sign-up to build the Romanian-built model"???

£7500 looks a lot of money for what is, just looked you could get a diesel C4 with 6,700 miles on the clock.

The prices for Dacia are way off mark, on the French website they start at 7,800 euros and at the moment cars are generally less expensive in the UK if you compare like with like, shame we ain't got any money though, guess we are going to start having to manufacture stuff, and convert the converted factories back into factories.

19 June 2008

The Dacia Shitehawk can stay in Romania as far as I am concerned. Renault lite ? Renault shite more like.

20 June 2008

The current models I have seen on the road in France look reasonable (no worse than a Berlingo did when it was new)

However if the selling price is creeping up and Renault dealers are losing customers is there not the risk that a utilitarian vehicle which is designed to be cheap to maintain will be sold and serviced at an inflated price.

The previous UK Dacias made sense because they were good but outdated designs sold and serviced at lower prices than contemporary Renaults.

If the value for money element is not passed through to the customer than the whole scheme will flop. I hope an assessment of this is done during the delay.

20 June 2008

[quote James Ruppert] No it is actually a really OK, I drove one three years ago and it is basic but really quite agreeable, although personally I'd still buy a BMW that has an E number in it...21,30,34,39 etc

Er...yes, James. We must also remember that you prefer cassette tapes to an iPod too !

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