Transport minister unveils new legislation
31 August 2009

New legislation limiting rogue parking firms' access to driver information and requiring them to conform to new codes of conduct have been announced by Transport Minister Sadiq Khan.

Private companies can request access to DVLA driver information to pursue drivers' of cars parked illegally on private land.

However, the new proposals would require parking operators to join an accredited Trade Association, with a strict code of conduct, before they could do this.

The new legislation forms part of a broader cross-Government action plan on clamping, due to be published in the autumn.

The legislation is designed to stop firms and landowners using inadequate signage, demanding excessive payments and impounding cars excessively quickly.

Plans are also being made to introduce a compulsory licensing system for clamping firms to insure they behave responsibly and within the remit of the Security Industry Authority, which regulates the private security industry.

Khan said: “We want a fair system that is clearly communicated with an independent complaints procedure.”

Russell Campbell

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31 August 2009

About time.

31 August 2009

Sounds very good,however,with it being an idea of this Gov'ment,what is the chance of it working!


31 August 2009

In Scotland, in 1992 wheel-clamping on private land was banned overnight, as it was declared to be extortion and theft. Why can't it be the same in the rest of the UK?

1 September 2009

It's ridiculous to call this a clampdown. It's a cave-in to the clampers. We should have a ban. There's no way interfering with someone's car and then demanding money with menaces should be legal. Clamping should be banned and made a criminal offence.

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