New Ford Fiesta and VW Golf Mk6 just some of the cars shortlisted
7 November 2008

The shortlist for the 2009 Car of the Year award has been announced, and the winner will be revealed at the Autocar Awards on November 17th. Seven cars are still in the running, whittled down from the 40 that were entered for the prize.

The finalists are the Alfa Romeo Mito, the Citroen C5, Ford’s new Fiesta, the Vauxhall Insignia, the Renault Megane, Skoda’s new Superb and the Mk6 VW Golf.

The competition is judged by 59 of Europe’s best-respected motoring journalists from 23 countries and is organised by Europe’s leading car magazines, including Autocar. Our own Steve Cropley is one of the UK members of the COTY jury.

We’ll have full details of the COTY winner after the ceremony, as well as the winners of the other categories of the Autocar Awards.

Dan Stevens

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7 November 2008

I know COTY results are notoriously hard to predict (and not always a reflection on the abilities of the actual car), but here's my reconing on the results....

1st - Vauxhall / Opel Insignia

2nd - Skoda Superb

3rd - Ford Fiesta

Let's see how wrong I can get it!



It's all about the twisties........

7 November 2008

1. Fiesta

2. Megane

3. C5

7 November 2008

That must be one of the dullest shortlists on record. I know the Italians tend to 'over win' - rumours abound of Eurovision style voting carve-ups, but I'd have to say that the Mito is the only thing on the list that's anything more than bog standard. C5 at a pinch, I suppose.

7 November 2008

I think the Fiesta should take the honours for having combination of style, driving ability, saftey, eco friendliness and at the same time raising power, and for reversing a trend by making it weigh less. And it cost less than the old one!

Ford deserve recognition for this...

7 November 2008

My top three would be as follows:

1. Alfa Romeo Mito

2. Vauxhall Insignia

3. VW Golf MK6

I would be happy to drive any of the above, but none of the other four.


7 November 2008

My guess would be:

1) Alfa MiTo (if there is a FIAT product involved, it will win)

2) Fiesta (fully deserved of the win, but see above)

3) Citroen C5 (a genuinely different choice in an increasingly bland and mundane sector. Insignia? Do me a favour!)

7 November 2008

Car of the Year is a joke, always has been! Look at the list of winners over the years, some really incomprehensible decisions! And surprise surprise, what a boring shortlist we have this year from the usual suspects...

7 November 2008

Ditto the two other posts, this is a list of future mediocrity. Car manafacturers who genuinely have a quality product must dread the prospect of getting nominated. Easy to pick the winner, pick the model closest to the brief of "average car" in every respect. The most homogenous, dull, tick every box, excel in none, blancmange of the group, that will win.

7 November 2008

[quote simon_ingram]Ford deserve recognition for this...[/quote] Well, yes, although it is using the Mazda 2 platform which was developed by Mazda. Yes, I know they're a part of the same company, but Ford can't themselves claim all the credit. IIRC the Mazda 2 came second last year...

7 November 2008

the shortlist is a farce - there is only one nominee for this year's COTY and that is the Jaguar XF


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