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Provision should be made to exempt classic cars from proposals to ban older cars from driving in London, says a new campaign

Enthusiasts are calling for the exemption of classic cars in plans to ban older cars from central London. The proposal would see a blanket ban on petrol and diesel cars that don’t meet EU4 and EU6 emissions standards from entering the London Congestion Charge Zone.

Autocar's sister title Classic & Sportscar magazine is leading a campaign to ensure exemptions for classics in the legislation. It is concerned that classics could bear the brunt of the new rules aimed at reducing pollution in the capital.

The magazine wants to ensure the free movement of historic vehicle owned by users living both in and out of the zone; this will ensure the continuation of events such as the Regent Street motor show and the London to Brighton run. It is also proposing that classic car-related businesses should be free to operate without restriction.

Classic & Sports Car group editor James Elliott said: "Even though there are some 800,000 pre-1981 classic cars in the UK, their contribution to pollution is so tiny it is virtually immeasurable, yet they will be just as affected by this as the heavily polluting diesel vehicles that this is intending to curb.

"Classic cars constitute a £4.5billion business employing nearly 30,000 people in the UK and there are many dealers and support industries within the proposed area that could be driven out of business, as well as owners living within the zone who would find driving their own cherished car outlawed overnight. We are not talking about old bangers here, but pieces of history that have been lovingly preserved for generations."

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Peter Cavellini 22 March 2014

Ho hum..........

For the amount of times one of these vintage cars appear in the Capital their carbon print is minor,more like the Buses,lorries,Taxi's should be a priority to get them converted to Ev status,in fact,ONLY Ev vehicles of any purpose or description should be allowed in the City centre,now Boris, if you want to leave a legacy,this would be a good one.
turbinecol 21 March 2014

not just classics

The problem is it would affect a lot more than a few 'classics' - anything not meeting EU4 / EU6 would be a gigantic fleet of motors, many of them very modern indeed.
March1 21 March 2014

RE: not just classics

>> many of them very modern indeed

But we are talking about something six years in the future, by which time today's cars (which are EU4/6 compliant) will not be "very modern"!

Suzuki QT 21 March 2014

Hmmm ...

I think TfL should concentrate of 'dirty' buses and lorries before picking on 'classic' cars ...