Currently reading: BYD launches electric taxi fleet in Hong Kong and London
Chinese manufacturer launches fully electric 'e6' taxis; 50 are set to come to London

The first fleet of 45 all-electric BYD e6 taxis have joined the ranks of the Hong Kong Taxi and Public Light Bus Association. 

Wang Chuan-fu, chairman and president of BYD Company Limited, said: “This not only asserts our green vision for promoting environmental sustainability for a better world, but is also a significant step for us in bringing green transport to benefit all people”. 

In conjunction with the launch of the electric taxis, BYD and its partner Sime Darby Motors Group are setting up 47 chargers in nine locations, near commonly used car parks, as the first phase in the development and deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure. 

London's second largest minicab service, greentomatocars, will also be receiving 50 of the new BYD electric minicabs, which will join its existing fleet of 300 cars.

It's expected that the electric taxis will be available for use soon. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “It is my aim that London's minicabs and taxis will be zero-emission by 2020, which will have a major impact on air quality.

"Every year the fleet is getting cleaner, making our city an even more attractive place to live, work and visit. Encouraging many more electric vehicles is a key part of this transformation, so it is great news that greentomatocars has committed to operating 50 of these super clean machines from next year.”

The BYD e6 is a five-seat crossover that features a high-capacity battery, giving it a range of up to 190 miles. Charging it from empty takes up to two hours and, thanks to its use of electric power, it offers zero local emissions; this makes it ideal for urban use.

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Londonist 22 May 2013

Range Anxiety

Recently I read somewhere that the average cabbie does 130-140 miles per day, excluding the drive in from home and then back again.

Harry P 22 May 2013

charging down the wrong path?

I would have thought a Hong Kong taxi driver would therefore be doing less miles per day, which should remove any range anxiety.  Hard to tell from a single picture, but the vehicles also look very creditable.

Why do we not have a British built electric taxi for use in London?

xxxx 22 May 2013


Londonist wrote:

Recently I read somewhere that the average cabbie does 130-140 miles per day, excluding the drive in from home and then back again.

Maybe London's not quite as busy as I thought then as that's an average of around 20mph for a 7 hour driving day

xxxx 22 May 2013

Any london cabbies out there

A range of 190 miles (probably 150 in the real world) seems ample for London taxi drivers, to the point there's much of a need for the chargers other than to give away free electricity.  Any London cabbies out there that can tell me how miles you do running round the city?

 Anyhow as long as it keeps diesel fumes and 'clatter' out of the city it's fine by me! 

ltdasteve 23 May 2013

Any London Cabbies Out There

Average London Taxi does 22,000 miles per anum, but this vehicle Can Not be used as a London Taxi (not wheelcahir accessible nor does it have a 24' turning circle) it can only be used as a minicab. The journalist makes a common mistake in mixing up a taxi and a minicab. Taxis (in London) are strange looking purpose built or modified vehicles minicabs are cars. Currently two models of taxi in London, traditional LTC built TX4 and a converted Mercedes Vito with electric Rear wheel Steer to comply with the turning circle. Nissan are due to enter the market with an NV200 conversion that has an extended front wheelbase to comply with turning requirement. This vehicle will initially be petrol auto, then diesel auto then all electric based on Leaf running gear.

supertax 22 May 2013

Nice. Just need the wireless

Nice. Just need the wireless charging in taxi bays to make it highly practical, and even better than pump fuel cars.

These electric taxis should be for all towns and cities by law.