Welsh police cars to be marked 'heddlu' instead of police?
14 October 2008

Richard Brunstrom, the speed-camera loving Chief Constable of North Wales, has stirred up more controversy by suggesting the word ‘police’ should be removed from the force’s cars.Instead he wants the vehicles to be marked only with the Welsh language equivalent – ‘heddlu’.“I would like to remove the word Police from the back of the police cars. I think it should be Heddlu,” Brunstrom told a conference on language ‘reconciliation.’Brunstrom told a conference on language reconciliation that he believes the police in North Wales are viewed as an “English-speaking army of occupation,” and doesn’t want his patrol cars being seen as symbols of oppression. He dismissed the argument that removing “police” from cars could confuse English visitors. “It’s absolute arrogant nonsense,” he said. David Jones, Conservative MP for Clywyd West, described the police chief’s attempt to remove the English word from the cars as “deeply disturbing.” He pointed out that the Welsh Language Act gives official language status to both English and Welsh. Brunstrom – once dubbed the ‘Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban’ by the Daily Mail because of his enthusiasm for speed enforcement – is no stranger to controversy. In 2007 he was forced to apologise after showing graphic images of a decapitated motorcycle crash victim at a press conference without having asked permission from the man’s family, and more recently he broke into his own police headquarters in what he claimed was an attempt to highlight security issues.

Will Powell

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14 October 2008

Blimey, this guy is priceless.

Oppression! He's talking about Wales, not some third world African country. Unless things go on in the valleys that he's not telling us about!

I don't know about getting rid of Sir Ian Blair, they should have targeted this guy.



It's all about the twisties........

14 October 2008

Iain Blair changed the slogan and font on every single one of the Met's police vehicles from:

"working for a safer london" to...... "working together for a safer london"

No mention of the cost of this pointless excercise.

14 October 2008

'Brunstrom: remove word ‘police’'

- tut tut. This should read 'Brunstrom: remove'.

And please, remove this creature's appalling picture from your website; it looks disturbed.

14 October 2008

Over the past year I have driven in 9 countries, including Wales. One of the first things that I do automatically is note what colour the local Rozzer's cars are.

It does not matter whether the local Rozzers call themselves police, garda, polizei, polizia, ast???µ?a, or heddlu the bottom line is that if you have been naughty and broken a local traffic law and your rear view is full of blue flashng lights, your nicked, in whatever lauguage!

You cannot say to the Greek Rozzers, I did not undedrstand what "ast???µ?a" meant, you'd just look a complete cock!

14 October 2008

"English speaking army of occupation" says Brunstrom.

Don't worry Brunstrom, i won't be spending my English money in Wales anymore, i'll holiday elsewhere. And don't forget Brunstrom, Wales gets £9bn per year more than it pays in taxes from the British government, most of this coming from the English. Without us, you are fxxxxd!!!

14 October 2008

You would be inexcusable mate, since greek patrol cars have "POLICE" written all over them. :D

14 October 2008

It strikes me that if in Wales, the Welsh language has as much right to be written as English, then surely the cars should have both words. If for instance a traffic police/heddlu officer attended an accident where one or more drivers didn't speak Welsh, then without the patrol car saying Plice, they might assume it isn't, and thus not co-operate.

It stikes me as a simple attempt to raise yet more revenue from the declining number of tourists visiting the region. These measures could well tip the balance between catching a ferry from hollyhead to flying to Ireland instead. I don't expect to remember the word "heddlu" when I drive in the UK.

14 October 2008

I've got a better idea. Why not remove Brunstrom from the police?

14 October 2008

....and they say the police are short of money. perhaps they should save some by getting rid of this idiot. I rather hope that he may tomorrow admit that he was joking, but based on past performance of this man, I suspect that he is being quite serious. At least whilst he's making idiotic statements like this he's not working on more ways of extracting money from his local motorists.

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