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New report identifies most dangerous roads in the UK
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30 June 2010

Half of all fatal road crashes in the UK occur on 10 per cent of Britain's roads, a report from the Road Safety Foundation has revealed.

The report - Saving Lives for Less - covered 28,000 miles of A-roads and motorways in the UK, and revealed Scotland to have the highest-risk highways on average, followed by northern England.

The A357 between Macclesfield and Buxton was identified in the report as the most dangerous road in the UK.

The Road Safety Foundation suggests that, by investing small sums of money in making accident blackspots safer, the high cost of emergency services and hospitals could be reduced.

The A40 between Llandovery and Carmarthen was identified as the most improved road, where improved junctions and markings, combined with new high friction, anti-skid surfaces saw the number of serious accidents fall from 27 to just seven from 2005 to 2008.

The West Midlands was identified as the safest region, while the report noted that the number of fatal crashes had decreased by five per cent in the last three years.

Top 10 dangerous roads

A357 Macclesfield to Buxton - Cheshire/DerbyshireA5012 Pikehall to Matlock - DerbyshireA621 Baslow to Totley - Derbyshire/South YorkshireA625 Calver to Sheffield - South YorkshireA54 Congleton to Buxton - DerbyshireA581 Rufford to Chorley - LancashireA5004 Whaley Bridge to Buxton - DerbyshireA675 Blackburn to Preston - LancashireA61 Barnsley to Wakefield - South/West YorkshireA285 Chichester to Petworth - West Sussex


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30 June 2010

Have to say i'm suprised not to see the A9 listed right up there, the road that runs to Inverness. Somebody is killed or seriously hurt at least once a week on that road

30 June 2010

Reading the report (elsewhere) in more detail, it suggests to me that a significant number of these accidents are down to poor standards of driving/riding.

Nothing new there then...

30 June 2010

I wonder how many lives etc could be saved by focusing on improvement of dangerous roads? Perhaps a better more targeted approach than the recently suggested changes to the drink driving limit which will kill country pubs, and, I would argue, still won't deter people who actually drive drunk from clubs/parties etc as they are flouting the current rules as it is.

30 June 2010

Is there not a typing error in the article? It's been a year since I was up that way, but isn't it the A537 from Buxton (not the A357)? A road that always escapes the list, but shouldn't, is the A4074 between Reading and Oxford - if you took the middle section of this road you find more accidents per mile than almost any other road. Yet because it is a long road and improves dramatically at both ends the accidents per mile are low enough to escape proper scrutiny, despite being an absolute killer. I've narrowly avoided two head on collisions on that road (driver on my side). The A66 however I wasn't so lucky (or was exceptionally lucky depending on your viewpoint).

30 June 2010

Autocar, when talking about dangerous roads, can we have a new picture please. i dont know how many times you have used that poor upturned Cavalier.

30 June 2010

[quote catnip]Reading the report (elsewhere) in more detail, it suggests to me that a significant number of these accidents are down to poor standards of driving/riding.[/quote]

Absolutely agree. The A285, for example, is very local to me and is a simply stunning road, but also perfectly safe if driven intelligently. Its inclusion in the top ten can only be down to the riding standards of the hundreds of middle-aged superbike riders who infest the road whenever the sun shines and have no idea what they're doing.

30 June 2010

perhaps these roads have higher accidents because of their locations? Most of them appear to be in mountainous, or bleak moorland, or just in the north of the country where surely adverse weather like heavy rain, fog or snow is more common? i don;t know, i'm only guessing as i live at the other end of the country!!

30 June 2010

The 'SuperBike' issue seems to account for the No 1 - or the Cat and Fiddle road as it's known locally.

Bikers love it and just like car drivers there are good/bad/downright incompetent. It's heavily policed now and even gets attention from plods in the air so I suspect that the deathrate will decrease as a result.

30 June 2010

'investing small sums of money in making accident blackspots safer'

Hmmm, alarm bells are ringing here. Call me an old cynic (even though I'm 21) but something tells me that the blame will once again be attributed to speeding and cameras will be the weapon of choice in the war againt freedom.


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