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London mayor makes pledge as he outlines his electric plans

London Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged to never buy another car powered by an internal combustion engine.

Writing in What Car? magazine, Johnson made the pledge as he outlined his electric car plans to motorists.

“We are creating the fertile conditions for motorists to plug in with increasing confidence,” wrote Johnson, who went on to outline plans to power 100,000 electric cars in London by 2015 by installing 25,000 charge points in car parks and supermarkets.

He also said that his offices will convert '"a significant proportion" of its fleet to electric as soon as possible, before making his own pledge to never buy another internal combustion engined car.

“Of course it will be sad to say goodbye to the vroom-vroom of 120-year-old technology, but I think we are on the cusp of an overdue change in our motoring," he added.

The plans are part of a broader environmental plan for London released by the Mayor of London’s office last week.

Pledges include planting more street trees, and creating ten Low Carbon Zones that will be announced in September.

Earlier this week the mayor’s office has also announced it will review exemptions to London’s congestion charge zone.

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