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BMW finally confirms that it built an M5 cabrio 20 years ago - and canned it

BMW has finally confirmed that it developed an M5 convertible 20 years ago, but canned it a week before it was due to be launched due to sales concerns.

The long-rumoured car was shown to a select group of journalists at an event celebrating 25 years of the BMW M5, and has obtained exclusive photos.

BMW confirmed that the car, which had two lengthened front doors and seating for four, had been developed for sale at a price of £50,000.

It was all set to be launched at that year's Geneva motor show, with BMW booking space for it on its stand, but a week before the event it was canned.

BMW confirmed that it was abruptly dropped as it believed it would result in demand for non-M 5 Series convertibles, which could have harmed sales of teh highly-profitable drop-top 3 Series.



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tonym911 30 October 2009

Re: BMW M5 convertible revealed

disco.stu wrote:
real, genuine journalism
That's a tautology innit? But seriously – or rather, not seriously – isn't this apples and oranges stuff? Seems that the only real criticism here is the categorisation of this story as news. If that's its only crime then maybe we should lighten up a bit? Only exceptionally busy people (by definition, not forum folk) could genuinely complain about having their time wasted by incorrectly flagged-up stories. And, be honest, you've got more knowledge now about the M5 than you had before. So you're ahead. No?

disco.stu 30 October 2009

Re: BMW M5 convertible revealed

tonym911 wrote:
So you think that all articles should be exclusively relevant and factual? How very dull.

My issue is that it is being misrepresented as "news", with headlines that are clearly misleading.

I am interested in the history of the M5, but as a single feature article rather than several "news" stories spread over, so far, almost a week (there is another one today). Surely if the journos have been invited by BMW to an event in Germany to celebrate the M5 then they should have some genuine news (or at least conjecture, rumour, innuendo) about the future direction of the M5 - real, genuine journalism rather than simply re-arranging a BMW press release.

tonym911 30 October 2009

Re: BMW M5 convertible revealed

R32 wrote:
I agree, typical Autocar trying to make a story out of nothing - perhaps they should actually try writing articles that are relevant and, if possible factual.
So you think that all articles should be exclusively relevant and factual? How very dull. What about a third category – 'interesting'? Or a fourth – 'unusual'? Or a fifth – 'intriguing'? Open your eyes man. You're being educated here. Preferring nothing over something that doesn't fit into peculiarly limited parameters is a bit bonkers.