What really fired your interest at autocar.co.uk in 2012? We reveal the top cars, stories and pictures
28 December 2012

The beauty of the web is that the numbers don’t lie; every time you click on a news story, blog first drive, road test, or video, the numbers get crunched and the statistics counted. So it is that we can reveal that the Skoda Rapid is more popular than the Ferrari F12, for instance, and that the Range Rover 4 has attracted more attention than the entire Paris motor show garnered.

The beauty of statistics, though, is that they can tell a different story depending on how you look at them. The F12, for instance, recorded massive interest when it was revealed and subsequently driven, whereas the Rapid had early initial bursts on both counts, but kept on attracting interest from would-be buyers. So it is that mainstream can often out-punch exotica on the web.

Our word cloud also shows which marques we’ve written about the most. A lot depends on which makes are launching the most cars, or are the most talked about, but you also get a very good idea of which brands are attracting the most interest by generating headlines. Here are the year’s real movers and shakers.

It’s been a record-breaking year for autocar.co.uk, which was relaunched with dramatic success in May, but rest assured there’s plenty more to come from us as well as the car makers next year.

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Land Rover Range Rover review hero front

The fourth-generation Range Rover is here to be judged as a luxury car as much as it is a 4x4

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29 December 2012

Does measuring the brands written about the most really mean anything? It seems to me there's an endless stream of teaser/scoop type articles produced: Even just another mule or camouflaged picture, or a teaser of another light lens generates a further article, which basically just says the same as all the articles which have gone before it.

29 December 2012

Best thing in the mag was the piece about the 3-pot Ecoboost powered Caterham 7 built by Ford engineers. The fact that they made the motor work without a drive-by-wire throttle ( which is something that NOBODY needs) is quite wonderful. Hell will freeze over before I buy a car with a drive-by-wire throttle.

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