Hot Audis go head-to-head on the Autocar test track
1 April 2010

Autocar has pitted the Audi R8 V10 against the Audi TT RS on its track test to find out which is faster.

On the twisty test route Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe gives chase in his long-term Audi TT RS, getting airborne at 90mph as he tries to prove the cheaper car is just as fast.

Can he succeed? Watch the video below.

Alternatively, watch the Audi R8 V10 vs Audi TT RS video here

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31 March 2010

Nice video, as always, i wonder about the driver swaps just to get an idea on difference, if your style is slightly more aggressive can you drive the R8 and the other driver the TT behind to see if he can still stay with you but while drive fast but not hard?

As for the TT understeer, is there any setup you can change reasonably to balance it. suspension settings? tyre changes/pressures etc?

But i suppose it is an "out of the box" test your doing, not setup work.

But having said that i think that would make a great feature video, repeat one of your past versus tests, but this time, without spending much money, perhaps only on tyres. try and change the verdict by altering the handling/grip balance. Including a full wheel allignment at a suitable garage asking for negative front camber etc. And altering tyre pressures for balance.

31 March 2010

How much is the Nissan GTR again

31 March 2010

[quote Kushil]How much is the Nissan GTR again[/quote]

who cares? This is an Audi shootout?!

I have to say the TT looks lovely in this video, on looks alone its nearly on par with the R8 in my book

31 March 2010

I'm with Kushil, the Nissan GTR is the car to have over either of these Audi's.

Out of the Audi's if you wanted to go quickly the TT RS in real world terms is just as quick as the R8. Nice video though.

31 March 2010

Audi TT-RS, the gay queen of understeer :)

Audi is obviously aiming for customers that aren't that good peddlers,
the 'better safe than sorry' type.

31 March 2010

Top vid. More of those please. It's like Gran Turismo but in real life.

31 March 2010

Agreed. I'd be interested to find out how the R8 V10 copes with £40K woth of Impreza Cosworth when it arrives. As mentioned above, Autocar could also throw a GT-R into the mix, in the interests of science.

31 March 2010

So that's a thousand pounds a yard right?, for something that more expensive, that more powerful i'd expect a lot more, i agree with Sutters, buy the cheaper car, you know it makes sense.

Peter Cavellini.


31 March 2010

Steve, if you had the choice of these Audi's which would you drive if you were to do that test again given you have driven them all, R8 V10, TTRS, C6 RS6 V10 biturbo or B7 RS4 V8?

That and with the new RS5 due soon it is a hotly debated topic on which is now the better value Hot Audi currently.

31 March 2010

Okay then, how far back in the Audi range do you have to go before the R8 V10 pulls out a decisive advantage in the same scenario?


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