New common-rail diesel model performs well in Audi test runs
29 September 2009

Audi has been showing off how efficient its current range of models are in real-life conditions by running a selection for 4182km from Norway to Italy.

The Efficiency Challenge A to B runs from the village of A on the Norwegian Lofoten Islands to Bee in Northern Italy.

See the high-res Audi Efficiency Challenge A to B picture gallery

Audi has released interim results on how its models are performing, with the new A3 1.6 TDI coming out on top so far. Its emissions are 99g/km and it has managed a claimed 94.2mpg. By comparison, the S3 has returned 40mpg so far.

The Audi A4 2.0 TDI e, with CO2 emissions of 119g/km, has so far returned 72.4mpg, with the S4 model returning 36.7mpg.

Other models taking part include the new A5 Sportback 2.0 TFSI, which has managed 57.6mpg, and the Q7 V12 TDI, which has returned 32.5mpg.

The challenge runs over three legs – from A to Trondheim, Trondheim to Berlin and Berlin to Bee – and it will take in towns, villages, city centre, autobahns and the Alps. It is expected to end on 30 September.

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29 September 2009

Any chance of quoting fuel usage figures in litres/100km? I think that Britain and the US are the only countries who still use this antiquated measurement system.

29 September 2009

1. It's a British website and a British magazine.

2. The imperial gallon and the American gallon are different (4.55l in an imp. gallon, 3.88 in an American gallon).

3. Canada also measures in mpg - though they also quote all figures as l/100km as well.

So basically, deal with it. If you want you can work it out yourself quite easily. Currently my trip computer only gives km, we fill up in litres and I do the conversion to mpg because I'm an old fart who's set in his ways.

On topic - 95mpg is all well and good, but I want to know their average speed.

29 September 2009

[quote theonlydt]1. It's a British website and a British magazine.[/quote]

And the internet by it's very definition goes everywhere so what's your point? Why then do you measure boot space in litres rather than cubic feet? And so on. Probably why you still have the pound and not the euro.

29 September 2009

[quote jelly7961]And the internet by it's very definition goes everywhere so what's your point? Why then do you measure boot space in litres rather than cubic feet? And so on. Probably why you still have the pound and not the euro.[/quote]

Yes, we must conform. How dare we use a different yardstick (metrestick?) for measuring distance, fuel efficiency etc? While we're at it why don't we switch across to driving on the right hand side of the road as well.

As a previous poster said, get over it.....

Love the smell of a V8 in the morning.

29 September 2009

[quote Foilball]As a previous poster said, get over it.....[/quote]Sounds like you have more to get over than me. It was just a suggestion that seemed to elicit a couple of aggressive comments.

29 September 2009

Because we've won two world wars and one world cup, I think you'll find we'll measure our fuel usage, speed and boot space in any way we wish, just keep your fingers crossed we don't get bored in the middle east and decide upon placing an expeditionary force on your doorsteps.

'Europeans' are just ghastly cheese eating surrender monkey's more concerned with making the bend in a banana a standard unit of measurement.


God save the Queen.

29 September 2009

[quote plumiestparts]Because we've won two world wars and one world cup,[/quote]

Well done - at least your response was amusing. Roger over and out!

29 September 2009

You Brits are inconsistent with your measurement system, it's quite odd to me that you measure fuel efficiency in miles per galon, but CO2 emissions in grams per kilometer, why not per mile? Even stranger is giving a fuel tank capacity in litres, instead of galons, which makes calculation of car's range almost impossible without calculator. You should decide whether to use miles, galons, etc, or SI units (meters, kilograms)

29 September 2009

Nice stats Audi...

We need the Euro here, I lost money saving in pounds and it would make things easier when I travel too. We should drive on the right too. Who's daft idea was it to drive on the left and be different to everyone else?


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