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Three new concept cars will highlight Toyota's vision for the future of alternative fuel sources

Toyota has laid out its vision for the future of alternatively fuelled vehicles with three new concept cars.

The Japanese manufacturer says it is using its concepts to “reinforce our position as an environmental technology leader”. The concepts are supposed to represent Toyota’s vision of the near, mid-term and long-term future.

Based on the Toyota iQ, the FT-EV III (Future Toyota – Electric Vehicle III) is the near future concept. It is the latest in a series of iQ-based EVs produced by the manufacturer since 2009. The four-seat electric vehicle is designed for short-distance trips.

Toyota is developing EV technology with the aim of launching a production version suitable for short-distance travel in 2012. According to Toyota’s tests in Japan, the FT-EV III achieves an estimated range of 65 miles on a fully charged lithium-ion battery.

The mid-term concept is called the FCV-R (Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality and Revolution). Measuring 4700mm in length, the FCV-R is a family-sized vehicle fuelled by hydrogen. It represents the next step towards the commercial launch of a Toyota fuel cell vehicle by 2015.

With the fuel-cell unit located beneath the specially designed bodyshell, the vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers. The fuel cell stack, with a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank, has been improved to provide a range of approximately 430 miles, according to Toyota’s figures.

The final design is the Toyota Fun-Vii (Fun-Vehicle interactive internet) concept, which heralds Toyota’s vision of a future where people, cars and society are linked. The manufacturer hasn’t issued any details of the Fun-Vii’s power source.

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