New turbocharged engine for Lexus's Range Rover Evoque contender; latest concept shown at Tokyo motor show
Darren Moss
20 November 2013

A new turbocharged version of the Toyota LF-NX concept car has been shown at the Tokyo motor show. Lexus says the car points to the introduction of a turbocharged engines in future models.

A hybrid version of the concept was first seen at the Frankfurt motor show earlier this year. The original design was built to gauge reaction to an avant-garde SUV from Lexus to take on the Range Rover Evoque. The concept was powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine producing 156bhp, plus a small-capacity electric motor.

This new latest version features a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, the first turbocharged engine fitted in a Lexus. The four-cylinder unit features the exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head which allows Lexus to optimate exhaust gas temperature to deliver improved performance and emissions. 

An insider said that the production version of the car will be offered without the option of a hybrid engine. Globally, the booming segment demands a non-hybrid powertrain.

The styling of this turbocharged version of the LF-NX differs slightly from the original hybrid concept, and is less outlandish than our pictures suggest. It has a new front grille treatment, wheelarches finished in high-gloss black and a new lower bumper features a diffuser with a matt chrome finish.

The same cabin from the original also features, but with new red lighting.

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4 November 2013
The Japanese styling department, has left the building. Please turn the lights off.


4 November 2013
you may be right there. That vehicle looks a complete mess, especially the nose.


I'm a disillusioned former Citroëniste.

4 November 2013
Someone put this tragic mess out of its misery


4 November 2013
I believe that if Lexus persevere with this ridiculous styling effort...particularly the nose treatment they will be punished by the buyers...particularly in the European market. I understand they are trying to carve out an identity for vehicles...which they don't have right now ( they are all but invisible at the moment), but this is clearly an attempt to 'out Audi' Audi with a hideous nose design....not everyone is happy with Audi's design I might took a bit of swallowing for many. They are already a niche player ...this could back themselves into an even smaller niche which could only do them harm given their sales ambitions.

4 November 2013
A challenging design, developed from a coherent concept. Honda, please pay attention.

4 November 2013
[quote=winniethewoo]A challenging design, developed from a coherent concept. Honda, please pay attention.[/quote] And you quite easily see that it is a Lexus, probably the first time they have shown evidence of a brand design strategy.

4 November 2013
[quote=marj][quote=winniethewoo]A challenging design, developed from a coherent concept. Honda, please pay attention.[/quote] And you quite easily see that it is a Lexus, probably the first time they have shown evidence of a brand design strategy.[/quote] It started with the is250. They call it L-finesse. If you look at the boomerang shaped silver slivers beneath the headlamps, you can see that geometry repeating in various ways throughout in 3 dimensions. The geometry will be described by a mathematical formula. It is modern because before computers, this sort of thing wouldn't have been possible. I'm sure in places they will use a bit of artistic license though and do a bit of old fashioned sculpting / form making. Its a far cry from what Honda are doing... making old fashioned sculpting / form making look modern. It just doesn't work... its a bit like an American Hollywood actor pretending to speak fluent chinese or spanish on film when they haven't got a clue how to talk the language. If you are chinese or spanish, you can clearly tell they are faking it.


4 November 2013 got that right Poo....and the biggest challenge is to come - selling them! Lexus are all ready marginalised and struggling in Europe, using this grille as their default identity is putting all their eggs in one very high risk 'marmite type' statement. I agree that Honda are too bland and are paying the price for this in registrations despite the engineering quality, but the buying public are a lot more conservative in their tastes despite what concept groups may tell you. This is a high risk strategy.


4 November 2013
wow! looking great although still exaggerated for mass production design...but it is a good design study, it has bold and dynamic! And if it wasn't for that grill this will be another "boring Lexus" like everyone says... the grill is the identity of a car brand, i really think Toyota has done right. BMW has it, Audi since a few years too,although at the time many criticized Audi's big grill, but you known what? people who BUY this cars like it. they like personality and exclusiveness, that's why Lexus has done this, it makes their cars look unique, very distinguished from other brands. When the 1st Lexus came out (the LS) is was really a MB class S copy, it has as good or better quality, but with not really a design of their own... but now Lexus is looking AND going forward...

4 November 2013
..... do this poor suffering monster a kindness and put it out of it's misery with a bullet through the cylinder head ! Even its mother couldn't love something as ugly as this. I had always thought that concept cars built for motor shows were created to entice buyers not repulse them.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance


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