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The Tokyo Auto Salon has opened its doors to some of the world's most eye-watering modified models.

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 has opened its doors once more to some of the most eye-watering modified and tuner cars Japan has to offer.

The show is no longer simply about backstreet tuning companies with their wild bodykits and big-power streetfighters; mainstream carmakers are increasingly endorsing the tuner scene’s top workshops.

View our gallery for the best of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.

Each year, the TAS has a show darling, with tuners flocking to put their mark on the latest model. This year is it’s the Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ that has been given the most attention.

Most significantly, Subaru has unveiled an STI version of its BRZ, which could point to a hotter version of the 2+2 coupe.

But the TAS is as much about the wild concepts as the models that might make production, which is why pink spotted Daihatsu Copens and 1000bhp Nissan GTRs rub shoulders with mildly-modified hatchbacks.

View our gallery for the best of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.

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Vimeous 17 January 2012

Re: Tokyo Auto Salon: show highlights

TegTypeR wrote:

There are some truly hideous monsters there!

The super guppy Prius has to be my worst - reminds me of the camper cars the TG lot made.

Careful Teg, we Brits are past masters at camper convertions. The Ford Zodiac with Ginetta Camper Top on the Ford 100 years tour last year was a classic example!

drivenfromthere... 16 January 2012

Re: Tokyo Auto Salon: show highlights

petrolheadinrussia wrote:

I think the Prius summed up this ghastlky tacky show of horrendous stupidity and kitsh crap. I am sure any self respecting non American would have demanded the airfare back never mind the entry ticket price. I shudder to think that the world does possess some really amazing clowns who have too much money, too little class and far too much time on their hands

Scion XB DJ Five Axis has a mixing desk, PA system and wide wheelarches

Coming to an out of town shopping centre car park near you.

In all seriousness it's the Japanese way and I applaud them for it. Imagine seing one of these on your local railway:

Brightens up your day the Rapit - Samurai Helmet shaped - refreshing.

Vidge 123 16 January 2012

Re: Tokyo Auto Salon: show highlights

Myk wrote:

Shall we play "Guess the base car" with the first one. I, for one, have absolutely no idea what it started life as.

based on the roof line and the wheel base i would say............ nope i have no idea either!

good god some of those are grotesque! i really cannot fathom why someone would spend a small fortune making a car look like another car..... just buy the car you wanted in the first place!!!