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Here is Autocar's guide to the top five cars by category at the Frankfurt motor show
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Tom 3000 28 September 2009

Re: Our pick - best of Frankfurt show

Interesting, but where the is the much mooted Audi RS3 that some magazines, websites, etc, said was almost a dead cert. at the Frankfurt show. Audi Cape Town (one of the apparent culprits).... any explanation? A reputable car magazine stated recently in their "cars coming soon" section, that the RS3 is due in "Autumn 2009". Anyone have any genuine news/ updates?

rogerthecabinboy 16 September 2009

Re: Our pick - best of Frankfurt show

I don't care which one of your pigeonhole categories you stick it in but to not mention the VW (E-)Up! at all seems stupid. Yes the electric E- version won't be here for three years but the production version with proper engines is slated for 2010 at prices starting at €8,500(£8k). If you think that such a car, with the backing of VW in India, China, S.America, Europe, will not have a huge impact then your judgement on most anything automotive is in question. For everyone of those instantly forgettable Renault/Peugeot electric Lego nonsenses, sold from 2010 onwards, the Up! will do multiples, multiples more.

The other one not really given prominence by you, in front of the usual suspects - no names, no pack drill - is the Mini Roadster. This will be a success, a great one. Good news for MINI at Oxford and why your Rendell person bangs on about angles of the windscreen is beyond me. Why would BMW(Mini) go to all the trouble of showing two production intent 'concepts' with their swept back windscreens and then revert to the standard car's architecture? The whole point of the Roadster, and one which without it would make its whole point of existence questionable, is the raked back and lowered screen. This will be the production design and one that the women with bucks will adore from Chelsea to Rodeo Drive and therefore is a major launch item of the Frankfurt show. Besides, J.Rendell's got form on inside scoops that prove to be less than on the money - like his recent scoop on Opel/Vauxhall being sold to RHJI, for it to be bought back by GM.