Currently reading: New Mitsubishi Evo special edition for UK market
New Mitsubishi Evo models are expected to be imported into the UK next year

A special edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evo will likely be sold in the UK next year, as part of the car’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

The car has not been sold in the UK for several years, after unfavourable exchange rates made it uneconomic to import. However, rates have since changed, prompting Mitsubishi UK to investigate a limited import.

“It’s an iconic car with an incredible history and a passionate following,” said Mitsubishi UK boss Lance Bradley at the Tokyo motor show. “I’ve floated the idea of importing some cars as part of the anniversary and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. The initial plan was to sell 40 cars, but a single dealer has asked for 20, so the final number is likely to be nearer 100.”

Pricing hasn’t been decided yet, and Bradley admitted he would only go ahead with the plan if it made economic sense. “The exchange rates are positive, but we need to be realistic in what we are charging,” he said. “If the economics make sense, we’ll do it.”

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