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Mercedes won't quit F1, but may alter McLaren deal

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has denied that his company plans to split with the McLaren Formula One team, but has admitted that the current deal could change in the light of changing F1 rules.

"Ending the relationship is not an option but we may have a different relationship," he told Autocar.

He also strongly hinted that Mercedes's and McLaren’s tie-up could change if F1 spending is not brought under control.

"We [Mercedes] want to see significantly lower budgets in F1 and the changing of regulations," said Zetsche.

Zetsche also admitted that Mercedes and McLaren had argued over McLaren developing its own supercar.

"For a long period we had a lack of alignment on road cars, but we have now found a clear solution and we won’t participate," he said on the same day as Merc unveiled its own SLS supercar at the Frankfurt motor show.

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