Koenigsegg's ethanol-burning supercar produces over 1000bhp
5 March 2007

Hey, man. Those crazy Swedes over at Koenigsegg have gone all hippy on us and developed the CCXR Flower Power. Far out.

Yes, really, that’s what they’re calling it, dude. But don’t worry; it’s still more of a road-hugger than a tree-hugger. In fact, while the new CCX can use E85 bioethanol, it’s also more powerful and quicker than the standard car.

Bioethanol’s higher octane rating means the CCX develops a ridiculous 1018PS, or 1004bhp, at 7200rpm and 782lb ft at 6100rpm. And that, says Koenigsegg, makes it the ‘first homologated car in production to reach over 1000hp’. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Bugatti.

Oddly enough, Koenigsegg is being coy about fuel economy and CO2 figures for the CCXR, but we think it’s safe to assume it’s no Prius.

As if to prove it hasn’t forgotten what supercars are all about, Koenigsegg has also unveiled the CCGT. As you may have gathered from the name, this is a version of the Swede’s supercar set up to comply with FIA GT regulations.

To do that, they’ve had to down-tune it, so out go the standard car’s superchargers, but up goes engine capacity from 4.7 to 5.0 litres. That takes power down from 806bhp to a trifling 600bhp.

Factor in that the already svelte CCX has also been on a diet, and now weighs in at under 1000kg, and that it’s got some fancy carbonfibre aero kit, and you have the recipe for a very interesting machine.

Rory Lumsdon

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