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First official pics and details of Saab's new 9-4X crossover SUV

This is the new Saab 9-4X, a model crucial to the firm’s continued recovery under new owner Spyker.

The 9-4X will give Saab a much-needed presence in the US’s booming crossover SUV segment. The new model is a sister car to the Cadillac SRX, sharing a platform and GM’s Mexican production facility, and has made its debut at today’s Los Angeles motor show.

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Saab is pitching it as “a fresh, alternative choice for independently minded crossover buyers” and is the firm’s “next-step in its renaissance as an independent car manufacturer”.

Its design remains truthful to the concept car of the same name first seen at the 2008 Detroit motor show. Sitting between the 9-3X jacked-up estate and 9-5 saloon, the 9-4X gets several of Saab’s signature design cues including the firm’s front grille and headlight design, wraparound windscreen and gently-sloping roof line.

Two direct-injection V6 petrol engines are offered from launch, a 261bhp 3.0-litre or a 296bhp 2.8-litre. The latter gets twin-turbocharging, while both units are mated to six-speed automatic gearboxes. The 2.8 unit is the only one available to UK buyers from launch, however. A diesel engine is likely to follow, but hasn’t been confirmed.

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Dynamic features include Saab’s advanced XWD all-wheel drive system and DriveSense adaptive chassis control. The 9-4X is based on a new platform called Theta Premium that mixes components from GM’s Theta and Epsilon 2 platforms.

Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonsson said the 9-4X “significantly broadened the appeal of the Saab brand”. He added that the new car would help “win new customers for the bramd”.

It will reach North American showrooms from May 2011, with UK sales starting from late 2011. Prices have yet to be revealed.

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WooDz 18 November 2010

Re: Saab 9-4X revealed

scoch wrote:

Saab made a mess of their 93 x by only offering it in XWD with the petrol engine, the ttid version is 2 wheel drive which defeats the purpose so I wouldnt hold out much hope for a diesel in this. Bloody shame, I like the look!

XWD can't be added to the current 9-3 in diesel form because the original Epsilon architecture wasn't engineered for AWD. SAAB re-engineered the platform so it could be AWD however SAAB couldn't get a rear clutch to fit on the diesel versions.

However; XWD is on the their 2.0TTiD 9-5 so the 9-4x could have a XWD diesel variant. Yet; I think the reasons for no diesel at launch is more to do with costs vs. sales.

So here's the question, if saab are already planning to move the 9-4x onto their new Phoenix architecture, would it be better to get the right powertrains for the next generation which will be built in Sweden, work with what they have at the moment and market it in the countries that naturally suit the 9-4x as it is today?

Sports888 23 October 2010

Re: Saab 9-4X revealed

waylandsmithy wrote:
The interior is lovely. Makes a change from the coffin-black interiors that Audi, VW and BMW seem obsessed with.
If the cars you mention come with black interiors, it is because their owners ordered them that way. They can be had in lighter shades for seating, door panels and roof lining also. If those buyers were to buy the Saab, no doubt that would have an all black interior as they like it that way.

shawks 23 October 2010

Re: Saab 9-4X revealed

supermanuel wrote:
Ultimately, this isn't a car intended for UK or Europe so our needs are secondary.

Totally agree with this. I think he UK is a low priority for manufacturers with our steering wheel on the wrong side, third world roads and enforced austerity. Why bother with options to please such a small market when there's the US and Asian markets to exploit?