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Chinese firm will continue its rapid expansion at the Beijing motor show later this month

Chinese firm Build Your Dreams (BYD) will display five new models at the Beijing motor show later this month as part of its rapid expansion plans.

The firm, which has revealed it wants to be the world’s largest car maker by 2025, will launch its first European models, the all-electric e6 and plug-in F3DM hybrid, in 2011. Both cars will reach the UK in 2012.

Geneva motor show: BYD e6

Models to be launch at the Beijing show include the L3 and I6 small saloons, the M6 minivan, the G6 large saloon and the S6 SUV. BYD is best known for producing smaller, cheaper cars, but the new range will be more luxurious and command a higher price.

Merc to build a car with BYD

Mercedes has also committed to building electric cars with BYD in China under a new brand. The tie-up was announced last month at the Geneva motor show as "the coming together of the world’s oldest and newest car makers”.

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