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The 7.0-litre V12-powered Vulcan was part of the line-up that took to the streets of Coventry at the weekend

The Aston Martin Vulcan was among the standout stars of this year's Coventry Motofest, with around 125,000 spectators attending the weekend as the city's ring road was closed and turned into a sprint circuit.

The Vulcan was joined by a host of exciting cars and bikes, old and new: see our full gallery below.

Coventry fest 2016 767

Aston Martin’s Vulcan smokes its tyres on the streets of Coventry

Coventry fest 2016 768

“Waaaaaait for it…” The Aston Martin Vulcan prepares for action

Coventry fest 2016 769

A departure for the Aston Martin Vulcan that, under normal circumstances, would result in flashing blue lights and a severe talking to

Coventry fest 2016 770

It wasn't all about cars: bikes were part of the show, too

Coventry fest 2016 771

Fashion is a subjective thing

Coventry fest 2016 772

A Formula 3 car lines up against a Peugeot 107

Coventry fest 2016 773

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Parts of Coventry’s road network were closed by the event in the pursuit of some spectacular entertainment

Coventry fest 2016 774

James Tooley drifts his Garage 21 Nissan Silvia S15

Coventry fest 2016 775

Crowds lined the Coventry streets to catch a glimpse of passing exotica

Coventry fest 2016 776

Got camber?

Coventry fest 2016 777

Even the big boys came out to play. This is Dave Jenkin’s MAN racing truck

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Coventry fest 2016 778

Ministox racers in action

Coventry fest 2016 779

For one day only, the road signs did not apply

Coventry fest 2016 780

Spot the Mustang!

Coventry fest 2016 781

Coventry Transport Museum was the venue for a display of classic machinery of all shapes and sizes

Coventry fest 2016 782

A snarling rat rod, possibly scaring small children

Coventry fest 2016 783

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Caravanning in style with an Austin Princess

Coventry fest 2016 784

Rapid motorcycling through the ages

Coventry fest 2016 785

Classic race cars took to the streets, too

Coventry fest 2016 786

Chequered flag!

Coventry fest 2016 787

An Aston Martin in Gulf livery is always popular

Coventry fest 2016 788

The Team Thomas Racing truck of Steve Thomas burns some rubber

Coventry fest 2016 789

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All eyes (and ears) on the Aston Martin Vulcan

Coventry fest 2016 790

Carl Stevens aboard his Tsingtao Racing MV Agusta

Coventry fest 2016 791

A TVR Sagaris at full pelt

Coventry fest 2016 792

A wheelie over the line for this Ducati 959

Coventry fest 2016 793

Serious chicane work for the Aston Martin Vulcan

Coventry fest 2016 794

James Tooley gets sideways in his Nissan Silvia S15

Photography by: Anthony Jenkins, Darren Skidmore, David Evans, David Gardener, Haydn Bailey, Infinite Pixels, Jamie Grey, Loz Moore, Olliee OHMEDIA, Rob Hitchman, Rob Young

Phill Tromans

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BriMarsh 14 June 2016


Yes, it is just you. Having been lucky enough to see one up-close (with Peter Dumbreck behind the wheel) at Silverstone, it is absolutely stunning. Not in the timelessly elegant way of a VW Golf, obviously, but if that's what floats your boat...
concinnity 11 June 2016



It is just you.

Aston Martin Vulcans do not look 'naff'

Citytiger 9 June 2016

Is it just me

or does the Vulcan just look a bit naff?