The chances of the Toyota TJ Cruiser making production hinge on public reaction
Jim Holder
25 October 2017

The Toyota TJ Cruiser concept shown at the Tokyo motor show has been created to test reaction among the car-buying public to a lifestyle SUV with a rugged look and carrying capacity of a van, its designer has said.

The concept's striking look was created at Toyota's design facility in Tokyo, but design chief Hirokazu Ikuma has confirmed that the car is under evaluation for launch globally, including in Europe. If reaction is positive and it did reach production, it would likely be based on the next generation of Toyota’s TGNA platform, due to be launched around 2022.

The boxy shape of the TJ Cruiser is inspired by a rectangular tool chest and, to reflect this look, the interior is designed to be modular so that it can be adapted to carry passengers or luggage, while the body panels have been designed to be sufficiently rugged to withstand flexing or scratching if anything is balanced on the bonnet or roof. TJ stands for Toolbox Joy.

Although the car is a concept, engineers who worked on it say a petrol or hybrid powertrain is likely, should the TJ Cruiser make production, and that it is likely to be a four-wheel drive.

A final decision on whether the TJ Cruiser is launched into the booming SUV market will be made after the concept has undergone several customer clinics around the world.

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24 October 2017

Even if I was dead, I wouldn’t want to be caught in that. Unless of course, I wanted to save on the cost on a decomposable coffin. 


24 October 2017

....I dont see that this is any uglier than a Discovery 3/4

I would say that there is a demand for a rugges SUV again. If it has Land Cruiser running gear it will be very capable off-road and the interior looks scrubbable.

Looks to me as if the inspiration for the design was Hummer.

24 October 2017

Rubbish aesthetics. But with the demise of Landrover as a supplier of proper SUVs some of us (well me anyway!) really want a properly useful car. Like is, but cool looking too. I am lead to believe that legislation has been rushed in to declare this exterior design a crime in certain states. 

However keep the concept and improve the aesthetics, and with the Toyota off road credibility they could be on to a winner. It will steal sales off what is left of Landrover's old customer base, unless Gerry actually pulls the rabbit out of the hat with a new defender. Which is hard to see in the near future, as even the new discovery has to have a special edition to be properly "rugged". 


24 October 2017

Given what the public is prepared to accept, then it'll probably make production but personally, it looks totally Ssangyong. Useful doesn't have to be plug ugly.

24 October 2017

I quite like it.

XXXX just went POP.

24 October 2017

But please restyle it. There is space in the market for something functional and practical without being overly utilitarian or as large as a pickup. This could fit the bill if it looked better.

24 October 2017

I really do like the looks, but it is too big.

Maybe in America or Dubai you need to be able to cross two states without starting the engine, but in Europe something smaller is often more practical and useful, which I should have thought would be amongst the most important qualities of a vehicle of this kind.

24 October 2017

2005 Tokyo show Mitsubishi debuted C5 Delica that led to D5 Delicia that looks similar - available now from your s/h Jap importer ....!

24 October 2017

Like it.  No worse than the new Discovery.  Better, in fact!

26 October 2017

Honda did it right with the Elemnt, this is just meh! What happened to little yellow rwd coupe they did a couple of years ago? I liked that.

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