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Plug-in hybrid SUV concept from Chinese car firm features aircraft-inspired charging connectivity
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21 April 2015

Chinese manufacturer Qoros has revealed a new sub-compact hybrid SUV at the Shanghai motor show, dubbed the 2 SUV PHEV Concept.

According to the firm, it strongly hints at the brand’s future design strategy and is aimed at 'trendy, creative young people'.

Measuring 4.1m long, 2.03m wide and 1.5m high, Qoros says the design of the concept combines 'Shanghai spirit with German-inspired design', which aims to give the car a muscular and robust stance.

The concept's exterior body features vertically-mounted front and rear lights, a V-shape front bumper, chrome-finished front grille frame, roof rails and a panoramic glass roof.

Its colour scheme aims to pay homage to Chinese tradition with paintwork finished in 'Misty Cyan' - a light green and blue colour, with red accent details that hark back to historic Chinese art.

It's powered by a plug-in hybrid system with four-wheel drive. A small turbocharged petrol engine powers the front wheels, while two electric motors power the rear wheels. Qoros is yet to release further information on the displacement of the engine, range or specific outputs. 

Drivers have the option to select from four different driving modes, including - Pure Electric, Sport, Permanent All-Wheel Drive and Hybrid.

The Qoros 2 SUV's charging technology is inspired by an aircraft refuelling system, called ‘Don’t touch a cable’. The electric charging point rises from the front of the car at the touch of a button to meet the 'receiver' sockets on the charging pod.

Inside, the Qoros 2 SUV has a full colour digital instrument cluster, dual-zone climate control and Qoros' own multimedia system with a cloud-enhanced connectivity platform, called 'QorosQloud'.

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21 April 2015
That backend looks very similar to that car that Chrysler offered over here under the dodge brand a few years ago, the Calibre I think. The terminology is clearly US too, what does 'sub-compact SUV' translate to over here? Are we talking something supermini-based to compete with the likes of the Ecosport and B-Max?

21 April 2015
Autocar wrote:

According to the firm, it strongly hints at the brand’s future design strategy and is aimed at 'trendy, creative young people'.

Ah, so young, trendy, creative Chinese people like hideously ugly cars?

21 April 2015
Weird...I quite like it from the side view, looks a little retro. That front though is fugly.


21 April 2015
Better than the Bentley 4x4 but that's not saying much.

21 April 2015
At least its not the usual Chinese clone of a western design...It's different and refreshing. Why do the haters always want bland, conservative designs to appeal to the masses. Different is good sometimes!

22 April 2015
I really like is. It's not pretty, or handsome, but something about it appeals. The rear lights remind me of the ones from a Citroen C6

22 April 2015
@erly5. I couldn't agree more.

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