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Near production ready supermini concepts hints at the styling of the next Renault Clio

A near production ready version of Renault’s Zoe electric supermini drops the strongest hints yet at the styling direction of the firm’s forthcoming fourth-generation Clio.

The Zoe incorporates many of the styling cues of the striking DeZir concept, also at Paris and the brainchild of new Renault design boss Laurens van der Acker and exterior designer Yann Jarsalle.

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The next Clio will also be the work of van der Acker and Jarsalle and will be part of Renault’s plans to transform the firm’s styling, giving its cars more visual flair and appeal. The Zoe’s striking front-end, for example, is almost certain to be lifted adopted by the next Clio and is described as part of “Renault’s new brand identity”.

Front-end modifications are only likely to be made from Zoe to Clio to enable cooling to the engine; its teardrop shape at the rear, however, is another design cue that the next Clio is likely to adopt.

“We need to make Renault a more passionate, emotional brand, with warmer, simpler and more desirable cars,” van der Acke recently told Autocar.

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The 4086mm long, 1788mm wide and 1540mm high Renault Zoe Preview, revealed today at the Paris motor show, is a near-definitive representation (90 per cent showroom ready) of the car that will make production in 2012.

A lithium-ion battery pack powers a 79bhp, 164lb ft electric motor and provides a 100-mile range. It can get from 0-62mph in 8.1sec and reach a top speed of 84mph.

Recharging takes between six and eight hours, while a 37-mile range is achievable in 10-minute charge or 80 per cent battery capacity is available after half an hour of charging.

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The Zoe Preview also showcases several clever pieces of tech. A special air-con system prevents occupants’ skin from dehydrating, a toxicity sensor automatically closes air vents to prevent pollutants entering the cabin, an electric system releases special scents into the cabin depending on the mood of the driver and special lighting and audio systems have been added to “stimulate and relax” occupants”.

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FastRenaultFan 1 October 2010

Re: Renault Zoe shows next Clio

VelSatis23 wrote:
If this thing is supposed to be the next Clio, how boring.

This ain,t boring it is very stylish and clean design . I think it looks very good way too go Renault hope the Clio looks at least this good or even better . Really like the front its nice too see the Diemand badge being desplayed so prominantly and proudly .
ordinary bloke 30 September 2010

Re: Renault Zoe shows next Clio

VelSatis23 wrote:
how boring
Boring is good if it gets us away from the recent styling efforts that the Clio has been subjected too (except perhaps the current one, which is not too bad). I don't actually think it is boring, it has got nice clean lines and looks quite elegant to me for a supermini size, I particularly like the frontal treatment. Good effort, Renault.

Tom Chet 30 September 2010

Re: Renault Zoe shows next Clio

Doesn't look to bad to me, agree that the nose looks particularly good.

I agree with Shawks about the interiors of show cars. The plant pot shoved under the dash ahead of the gear stick looks particularly stupid, like an early design study for the 'new' Beetle's flower vase that had to be discarded. It appears the fern, or whatever it is, grew more than expected in the days before the motor show.