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Nissan ugrades the 2013 GT-R to improve responses and cornering

The Nissan GT-R will receive a raft of updates for the 2013 model year, aimed at improving engine response, high-speed stability and ride. The car has been unveiled to the public at today's LA motor show.

The 542bhp 3.8-litre twin-turbo powerplant features new injectors and a new relief valve has been fitted to the turbocharger to suppress the loss of boost. Both are said to improve engine response.

A new oil pan baffle helps to maintain pressure and reduce friction.

Modifications have been made to the front dampers, springs and anti-roll bar, lowering the car’s centre of gravity. Additionally, cam bolts have been installed on the front suspension in the pursuit of camber accuracy and stability during hard cornering.

Nissan’s engineers have added reinforcements around the cabin to increase body rigidity and improve suspension control

Nissan says the changes have been employed following lessons learned from the firm’s outing at the Nürburgring 24-hour race. 


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fadyady 29 November 2012

Right price

GTR would have Ferraris and Lamborginis beg for horsepower. It's an impressive machine and another reminder to the German car makers to right price their products.


Hybrid is the way forward!

redheadmarshal 29 November 2012

I can't read a story like

I can't read a story like this without thinking of

TS7 30 November 2012

redheadmarshal wrote: I

redheadmarshal wrote:

I can't read a story like this without thinking of


Damn! Beaten to it again!

fadyady 28 November 2012

Muscle car at its ......

GTR is an impressive piece of machine whether you take its price into account or not. It shames many a muscle cars. However since the world is fast moving towards efficience, I was expecting Nissan to reduce the emissions. It still is a great car. A bit irrelevant for me though.


Hybrid is the way forward!