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The standard version of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been revealed, and is now available to order in selected markets, including Europe

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition has been revealed, marking the first time we’ve seen the SUV not in its hot Quadrifoglio guise. 

The First Edition is fitted with a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 276bhp and 295 lb ft of torque, coupled to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. This gives it a 0-62mph time of 5.7sec and a top speed of 143mph, which Alfa Romeo claims is class-leading performance.

With this engine, Alfa Romeo claims the Stelvio gets fuel economy of 40mpg and CO2 emissions of 161g/km.

The Q4 four-wheel drive system, which also features on the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, sends 100% of the car’s torque to the rear wheels until it senses that more grip is needed, and can then split it 50/50 between front and rear.

Despite not being the range-topping model, the First Edition gets 20in wheels, aluminium paddle shifters and contrastingly coloured brake callipers. The styling is more toned down than the Quadrifoglio's, of course, with two large exhausts in place of the hot car’s four, less aggressive air intakes and more aerodynamically subdued bodywork. 

Inside, there’s an 8.8in infotainment system with sat-nav and DAB, and a 7in TFT display set into the instrument panel. Leather upholstery and real wood trim replace the Alcantara and black finish of the performance model. 

Standard equipment includes Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and lane departure warning, a reversing camera and all-round parking sensors, as well as an electrically powered tailgate and automatic lights.

It's likely that the regular Stelvio will be revealed in the metal at the Geneva motor show in March.


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xansamaff 7 March 2017

brand power

It shows the power of brands when you consider some of the comments on here. Firstly I'm surprised anyone can praise the f-pace. Its such a wave of the white flag (like the XE) very unimaginative styling and having taken one for a weekend, I'm surprised it had so much praise from a drivers perspective. If anything it had the very typical Audi DNA (e.g. soulless and disconnected from the driver) the styling is the biggest wave of the white flag though, look at one and just cover the grille and its a very dull rounded box. The XE is similar as a saloon. Its like they got a budget for the grille and some LED running lights, and thats it. The rear lights on both vehicles look like they are from some 80s korean car sweat shop. I like the Alfa and am really looking forwards to having a go. I agree that the grille is not the best fit with an SUV but as an overall proposition its a very coherent design which carries through the car from front to rear, something Jag just hasn't mastered yet, except for the XF estate which has very handsome proportions, its almost like they played it safe. ID rather Jag took its strong and unique brand into the marketplace, much like Alfa always has done but it seems safety is the best bet in recent times. For the sake of alfa lovers everywhere i hope their much more comprehensive offering is snapped up and breathes new life into the brand. To think of a world with only the dull utilitarian manager chariots from VAG, BMW or Merc is utterly depressing
voyager12 12 February 2017

Alfa Romeo used to have that special green color...

called Tundra Verde. It'll look great on the Stelvio. Lower mine by at least an inch, and you'll get more of an oversized hatchback.
kboothby 23 January 2017

Like a lot of expensive Italian cars.....

...Where does the effing front numberplate go???