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The new super-luxury Mercedes Maybach S600 is on sale now with prices starting at £165,700

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 has gone on sale with prices starting at £165,700. First UK deliveries of the super-luxury model are planned for June.

The S600 marks the return of the Maybach name two years after its was pulled by Mercedes-Benz because of faltering sales. Now the nameplate has returned for this V12-powered, extra-long-wheelbase S-class model.

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The swish ‘upper luxury-class’ saloon received its public debut at the LA motor show last November. The car is planned to compete in a segment of the market occupied by the Bentley Flying Spur and 
Rolls-Royce Ghost.

For the £165,700 asking price, customers get a choice of leather, wood and stitching options. Other than more opulent paint colours, the only other option available is First Class Cabin, which swaps the three seat bench for two individual seats, which can recline to 43.5 degrees.

The list of luxuries on the S600 is long. Highlights include air-conditioned, heated and massaging seats, armrests that can be warmed, a system to pump scented, ionised air around the cabin, a 1540 watt Burmester 3D surround sound system with 24 speakers.

This saloon also heralds the sensational return of Maybach, which was written off by parent company Daimler after a troubled 10-year comeback.

This time, however, Maybach is a sub-brand that will sit within the Mercedes-Benz fold in much the same way as the Mercedes-AMG performance division does.

Company chiefs expect Maybach to exploit the growing customer desire for high-margin luxury vehicles in much the same way that AMG is sprinkling its go-faster stardust on an increasingly broad range of vehicles.

Mercedes sales and marketing chief Ola Källenius, who was boss of AMG between 2010 and 2013, said: “Mercedes-AMG is the blueprint for the extension of our brand. More than 40,000 AMG cars will be sold during 2014 and it is a great ‘co-pilot’ for Mercedes-Benz.

“With Mercedes-Maybach, we are applying the same 
logic as Mercedes-AMG, 
but in the area of prestige 
and exclusivity. It is not 
an equipment line; it is a 
sub-brand that, in future, will deliver Mercedes-Benz vehicles in an even more exclusive form.”

Källenius confirmed that the S600 won’t be the sub-brand’s only offering. “Our deliberations in the area of Mercedes-Maybach are not focused solely on the S-class,” he said, but he wouldn’t be drawn on other future models. 

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However, the crucial factor is retaining exclusivity, so 
the new sub-brand will be involved with cars at only the premium end of Mercedes’ vast model range.

There isn’t, for example, business case to produce a Mercedes-Maybach version of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, something that AMG has executed with great aplomb with the A45 AMG 
hot hatchback.

“It’s relatively easy to do a Mercedes-AMG version of the A-class, but we will only do Maybachs when we see the potential in the market and when our customers expect it,” said Källenius.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 is differentiated from other S-class models by a series of subtle exterior styling details, including a more stately style of grille and lengthened rear doors.

Inside, the new model has a freshly designed interior with individual, electronically adjustable rear seats similar to those used by the earlier Maybach 57 and 62.

Power for the Mercedes-Maybach S600 hails from a revised version of the company’s twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12, produced at AMG. The car will be produced on the same production line as the regular S-class in Sindelfingen, Germany. This will be the only variant destined for the UK and sales start next spring. 

Key markets for the sub-brand’s first products will be China and the US, followed by South Korea, Russia and the Middle East. Two further engine variants will be offered in other markets. The S500 will be powered by a twin-turbo V8. The all-wheel-drive S500 4Matic has a V6 engine and is aimed squarely at the Chinese market. A version using a hybrid powertrain isn’t currently planned, but Källenius didn’t rule it out.

The range-topping saloon forms the basis of a larger S600 Pullman model that 
has an even longer wheelbase and seating for up to six. 

Q&A Ola Källenius, executive vice-president, sales and marketing

Are you confident of sufficient demand for this type of vehicle when there wasn’t for Maybach?

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It is clear where additional scope for expansion lies at our company: in the areas of exclusivity and individuality. We have received quite clear signals from many customers who have expressed a wish to drive the S-class in a supremely exclusive, individual variant.

What differentiates Mercedes-Maybach models from their standard counterparts?

On a technical level, the first model of the new sub-brand is virtually identical to the Mercedes-Benz S600, [but] vehicles from Mercedes-Maybach feature exclusive equipment and appointments that go beyond the spectrum available from Mercedes-Benz.

Does it send out a strange message to revive the Maybach name so soon after axing the stand-alone brand?

When we launched the current generation of S-class, we said we’d find a haven for Maybach customers. That promise has now been kept with this S600 and new Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand.

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rare 14 January 2015

Personally I love it.

Personally I love it.

I would buy one over its competitors because its probably a better car. The S class is phenomenal, especially the interior. The Mercedes badge still holds a lotto weight with people, regardless of the fact that you can buy an A class. In some respects this car would be more exclusive than a Ghost or a Flying Spur, and a much better car than the Maserati or the Aston.

Norma Smellons 19 November 2014


FYI, Bentley and Rolls are German companies, run by Germans. Jaguar is Indian-owned but run by Germans, too. In fact, apart from Lexus and Ferrari, the Germans virtually own the luxury car market, in which the Mercedes S Class is the biggest seller. Your comment is, therefore, nonsense.
Roadster 19 November 2014

The Germans cannot do luxury like the Brits

The S-Class has never been able to define and express luxury against the likes of the Bentley Flying Spur, Jaguar XJ and Rolls Royce Ghost while the Maybach 57 and 62 had the same problems with the class above. So why does Mercedes think it can now with the Maybach sub-brand based on the S-Class? The Germans have never been able to do luxury properly while their interpretation of what luxury is different. Their definition is just load a car full of kit and technology, and that's it. They don't realise that luxury is more than that, it's your surroundings, how the car makes you feel, the trimmings and fittings, that's what luxury is. Step in to a S-Class, A8 or 7 Series and all your faced with is an interior that is not much different from other, lesser models with the only exception of more kit, toys and probably the odd bit of higher quality leather and plastics and that's it. You could otherwise be in an A-Class, A3 or 1-Series. There's no sense of occasion or anything to impart that feeling of luxury like a Bentley Flying Spur, Jaguar XJ and Rolls Royce Ghost achieve in spades and this new Mercedes Maybach is no exception.
289 19 November 2014

@ roadster

here we go again...Roadster your bias is clouding your judgement. With the exception of Maybach 57/62 Mercedes-Benz has never attempted to swim in RR/Bentley';s pool.You are looking at luxury (e.g. through British spectacles) loads of wood and Connelly leather. The majority of Europeans, Chinese, & Middle Eastern customers do not expect this in a Mercedes-Benz. They look for that typical S-class, hewn from rock - safety fast autobahn bruiser and this it does very well. I have driven many 800 mile days on the continent in various versions of S-class over the years, and believe me no other car comes close to the ability to leave you fresh after so much motoring at high after day.
This is the attraction of S-class, and is why they have always outsold XJ's many times over.
If your idea of luxury is a Jag, you will never get what is so great about an S-class I am afraid.