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A super-frugal version of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe previews the next Volkswagen Tiguan

A super-frugal version of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe has been shown at the Geneva motor show. The SUV concept previews the next Volkswagen Tiguan first shown at last year's Tokyo motor show and updated for Geneva.

The advanced four-wheel drive showcases a new plug-in diesel-electric hybrid system Volkswagen is developing for use in a range of upcoming production models that is claimed to provide the updated, 1858kg Cross Coupe with 157mpg economy and 46g/km of CO2 emissions, and a range of up to 800 miles. The VW Cross Coupe develops 380bhp in total and has a top speed of 137mph.

The new hybrid system, which replaces the similarly conceived petrol-electric arrangement of the initial Cross Coupe concept, mates a 187bhp version of Volkswagen’s new 2.0-litre four-cylinder common rail EA288 diesel engine, complete with twin balancer shafts for added running refinement, with a pair of electric motors – one sited up front delivering 54bhp and, in combination with the diesel engine, providing drive to the front wheels and the other mounted at the rear with 114bhp and driving the rear wheels. The electric motors are driven by a 9.8kW/h lithium ion battery pack.

In pure electric mode, at which its top speed is limited to 80mph, Volkswagen’s latest concept is also said to be capable of achieving distances of up to 28 miles. The driver can choose between hybrid and electric drive modes via a switch on the centre console. In electric mode a clutch is opened to disengage the diesel engine, reducing mechanical drag. If, however, additional battery charge is required to power the electric motors, the diesel engine springs to life to top up the battery.

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Woodser 5 March 2012

Re: Geneva 2012: VW Cross Coupe concept

Just imagine the economy figures it could be capable of if it didn't weigh 1858kg. (mind you it looks a little dumpy too...)

Sporky McGuffin 5 March 2012

Re: Geneva 2012: VW Cross Coupe concept

I reckon on long journeys where the battery has run down you'd still get 50mpg or better - it's essentially then a 2.0 TDI with front wheel drive only. Not having a normal 4x4 drivetrain will surely help economy on long uns.

Flash Harry 5 March 2012

Re: Geneva 2012: VW Cross Coupe concept

Yes very fuel efficient but did it have to look so nondescript.!!Bland is still the order of the day at VW.