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New GranTurismo variant replaces the S and is set to become Maserati's best-seller

Maserati is replacing its best-selling Maserati GranTurismo S model with a new Sport variant. The GranTurismo Sport, revealed here at the Geneva motor show, gets a revised, 454bhp 4.7-litre V8 engine, which gives the model a 186mpg top speed and a 0-62mph time of 4.7sec.

Two transmissions choices will be offered on the Sport. The standard gearbox is a six-speed torque converter automatic, while a six-speed sequential manual transaxle ’box comes as an option. The latter has steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, a feature that’s optional with the auto ’box.

See the official pics of the new Maserati GranTurismo Sport

To distinguish the Sport from the outgoing S, the model receives a restyled front bumper that’s claimed to optimise airflow for both engine and brake cooling. There are also new front headlights and LED daytime running lights fitted as standard, while the rear lights have been replaced and some dark trim has been added. Inside, the steering wheel is new; revised front seats liberate an extra 20mm of headroom.

Pricing has yet to be revealed, but the Sport is likely to cost around £90,000 when the car reaches the UK in September. The standard 4.2-litre V8 GranTurismo and the hardcore MC Stradale variants continue unchanged.

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PHILBY 6 March 2012

Re: Maserati GranTurismo Sport revealed

artill wrote:
Is there no one left who can afford to spend more than £50,000 on a car still got the use of their left leg?

Well I am really tired of this "I want a manual gearbox" statement. If you have to have a manual go for a 911 an Aston or a muscle car. I am not saying that this the way it should be because a car like this could really benefit from a manual box, I am only saying that it is 5 years since the Gran Turismo's intial launch which was never offered with a manual so it is about time we got over it, all of us.

On topic, this is the car of my dreams if I was restricted to have only one car, and that blue colour is divine. What I like about this car is that you car park it next to anything without feeling short changed. It has the visual and aural appeal which suggest that you drive it because you genuinely want it and not because you couldn't afford something even more exotic, unlike the AMG's, the M6, the XKR, the Continental or the 911...

newdevonian 20 February 2012

Re: Maserati GranTurismo Sport revealed

johnfaganwilliams wrote:
Blimey, that's quite a lot of prejudices in two sentences!
Predudiced! Me! Never! Green eyed envy, certainly. When I held my licence, I drove my car to the track and hopefully got to drive it home. Any extra wheels / tyres plus spares went in the back whilst commuting. It was a luxury to have a friend with a tow car and trallor. I congratulate you being one of the lucky few enjoying this status. OK, you can't be too fat if you fit in a race seat. But hold on a minute, Mansell did.

johnfaganwilliams 20 February 2012

Re: Maserati GranTurismo Sport revealed

newdevonian wrote:
Then driving from your hotel to your yacht in a town centre is not the ideal place for four wheel drifts. People who buy these cars are fat cats who like status symbols and are not typical visitors to this forum.
Blimey, that's quite a lot of prejudices in two sentences! Calm down. Well, I have a GT car, and, for that matter a yacht. I may be a cat but I'm not fat…… And I've also driven race cars around the world for twenty years. Believe me when you've wrestled 500 bhp around Spa or Monza for a few hours you don't way anything "sporty" but a nice quiet, very fast car to throw your kit bag in the back (or front if you are a Porsche driver) of and spear home. My main point was that instead of driving like idiots on the public roads changing gear incessantly to prove how good your hell and toe technique is why not spend a few hundred pounds, get a race licence and see if you actually any good behind the wheel. If that makes me not a typical visitor to the forum I'll have to live with it I guess……...