Currently reading: 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast due in Geneva with final naturally aspirated V12
Power output could close in on the 769bhp of the Ferrari F12tdf; rear steering and dual-screen infotainment also expected
Sam Sheehan
2 mins read
14 February 2017

The Ferrari 812 Superfast has been revealed - these were the final spy shots we saw before it was revealed, when it was referred to as the F12 M.

The Ferrari F12 M will make its debut at the Geneva motor show next month with a naturally aspirated V12 that produces more than 750bhp.

The F12 Berlinetta successor's engine will be the last unassisted 12-cylinder unit built by Ferrari, as well as the most powerful used in a series production model. It's essentially the 6.3-litre unit used in the LaFerrari, but without that car's extra hybrid electric power, and is only beaten for power by the 769bhp V12 of the limited-run F12tdf.

This performance boost should ensure the F12 M will shorten the current F12’s 3.1sec 0-62mph time. It will also use Ferrari's ‘virtual short wheelbase’ active rear steering system, as seen on the F12tdf, to improve agility.

Evolutionary design updates will be applied to the F12 M, with new lights and a restyled grille the most distinctive exterior changes. Inside, the F12 M will gain the dual-screen infotainment set-up of the new GT4C Lusso along with a range of other updates to the interior.

The car's production run is expected to continue trends seen with other models and last around five years. A limited-run special edition version will also be produced.

Pricing is expected to grow significantly from the F12's current entry-level £241,073 figure, due to the F12 M's status as the last atmospheric V12 model.

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29 September 2016
I always considered 730bhp never being enough for a GT car like the F12......! Since the F430 was launched, Ferrari hasn't done things by halves when it comes to power increases for new models. God knows what the all new replacement for next year's revised F12 will have but it's safe to say over 800bhp. And to think that when Ferrari re-entered this 'super' GT class with the 550 Marenello 20 years ago, that car 'only' had around 475bhp. Which is still considered a fair bit now! And was only around 100bhp less than today's Aston Martin Vanquish, the F12's only rival.

16 October 2016
so great performance

27 October 2016
is make their cars wider. Not wide enough for our congested roads. Far too practical at the moment.

11 November 2016
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15 February 2017
My money would be on a 6.6l engine with 800bhp

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