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German sports car manufacturer relaunches at Frankfurt motor show

Artega has relaunched with two brand new models, the Scalo and the Karo, at the Frankfurt motor show.

The Scalo is a two-door two-seat electric sports car while the Karo is a recreational vehicle similar to a quad bike.

The Scalo is made from polyurethane combined with carbonfibre and is described as having a lightweight modular chassis. 

The car has two electric motors powering the rear wheels with a total output of 402bhp and 575lb ft, with a claimed 0-60mph of 3.6sec and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph. 

Drive to the rear axle is through a single-stage central gear. Torque vectoring allows power to be split between the rear wheels, with more or less power delivered to each wheel as required, maximising traction.

It has a 250-mile range from its 37kW battery, which has an output of 411 volts. A 'fast' charge can replenish the battery in less than an hour. A three-phase supply recharges the battery in three hours with a household socket taking 10 hours.

The Karo is a concept vehicle that is being prepared for production. It is a four-wheeled activity vehicle with a reinforced fibreglass body, central bench seat and handlebar controls.

It has an electric motor developing up to 51bhp and 74lb ft. It can reach 50mph in a claimed 4.5sec, offering a range of 50 miles between recharges. The batteries can be recharged in 2.5 hours from a domestic socket.

Prices and release dates for both cars, which are specifically built to order, are yet to be announced.

Matthew Griffiths

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Halcyon 17 September 2015

Unrealistic stats

37 kW battery??? Do you mean that the battery has an output power of 37 kW or did you mean to write that the battery capacity is 37 kWh? Either way there must be a mistake somewhere. If the battery power would be 37 kW, then also the engine power would be limited to this same figure which equals about 50 bhp and that would hardly make this a sports car. If the battery capacity is 37 kWh there is now way this car could achieve the claimed 250-mile range. Tesla model S with 70 kWh battery has EPA rating of 240 miles. It's very unlikely that Artega has found a way to douple the energy efficiency of electric cars. Autocar, please start using some common sense and source criticism when writing these articles about electric cars. There are many bogus companies that present electric consept cars with "million gigawatt" engine power and "five billion" mile range. You can't trust what they write to the concept car brochures, those figures have been fabricated to attract investors and steal their money.