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Open-top Alfa sports car is available to order now, with prices starting at £59,500
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13 May 2015

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has gone on sale with prices starting at £59,500 - an £8000 premium over the coupé version.

The convertible version of the two-seater 4C gets the same enhanced equipment offered with the coupé, including an upgraded stereo, increased leather interior trim on the glovebox, luxury floor mats and a bespoke car cover. It also comes with a carbonfibre windscreen frame and more wheel options.

The headlights, which feature a plastic cover rather than a series of open spotlights, are closer to those of the 4C concept than the original coupé. The same headlights are now available as an option on the coupé. It is also available with cruise control and rear parking sensors as no-cost options.

The key element differentiating the 4C Spider from the 4C Coupé launched in 2013 is its removable roof. It will initially be available as a soft, stowable canvas arrangement - as hinted at on the concept - although an optional carbonfibre hard-top is set to become available after UK sales begin in mid-2015, according to Alfa officials.

The 4C Spider also receives a carbonfibre panel that covers the rollover bar behind the cabin, unique single-lens headlights and a new range of alloy wheels, which measure 17in in diameter up front and 18in at the rear.

In a move that has kept the weight gain down to just 10kg (at 1128kg) while retaining a level of rigidity described as being similar to that of the 4C Coupé, the 4C Spider has a carbonfibre windscreen frame that is bonded and bolted to its carbonfibre monocoque chassis.

The glass for both the windscreen and side windows is described as being 10% thinner than that on the 4C.

Additionally, Alfa Romeo has endowed its new model with a newly designed aluminium rollover bar that provides mounting points for the 4C Spider’s unique engine lid, plus a beefed-up strut brace within the engine compartment.

Power comes from the same mid-mounted turbocharged 1.7-litre four-cylinder engine used by the 4C Coupé. Running continuously variable valve timing, it delivers 237bhp at 6000rpm and provides the 4C Spider with a power-to-weight ratio of 210bhp per tonne. Torque swells to a peak of 258lb ft of torque between 2100 and 3750rpm.

Alongside the standard and racing exhausts already available on the 4C, the 4C Spider also comes with an optional lightweight Akrapovic exhaust that uses asymmetrical mufflers, a dual-mode valve system with a link pipe to reduce cabin drone and two centre-mounted tailpipes.

Drive is channelled through Alfa Romeo’s six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox which offers the driver the choice of All Weather, Natural, Dynamic and Race driving modes, the latter allowing the engagement of a launch control system for maximum off-the-line acceleration.


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Alfa Romeo claims the 4C Spider is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in just 4.5sec, marginally slower than the 4C Coupé's time. 

The 4C Spider will be assembled alongside the 4C Coupé by Alfa Romeo sister company Maserati in Modena, Italy. Production details are yet to be revealed, although officials say volume will be similar to that of the fixed-roof variant at around 3500 units per year. 

Speaking at the unveiling of the 4C Spider, Alfa's US boss, Reid Bigland, said: "After a 20-year absence, what gives us the confidence to return is the strength of our past, present and future. Our commitment to the brand is unprecedented. By the end of 2015 we'll have more than 1000 engineers dedicated solely to Alfa. We are led by two ex-Ferrari managers. We are on track for success.

"Our plans remain on track for eight new Alfas on sale in the States by 2018. Our plans are on track to relaunch in the US."

Alfa Romeo currently has 100 dealers in the US. The brand wants 200 dealers by this time next year.

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4 March 2014
I didn't think the 4C Spider would look as good as the coupe........I was wrong!

Beautiful!....and they've fixed the headlights!

4 March 2014
And you can see what's going on behind you instead of guessing.

4 March 2014
This looks stunning and, as Crixter mentioned, the headlights have been sorted. Alfa wheels out this stunner, and on the Audi stand, the rival TT is less than stunning and is a complete disappointment. How the Germans have much to learn about making a sports car look great, yet alone gorgeous.

4 March 2014
..... maybe its because it is white, but this just looks short and dumpy to me whereas the coupe looks amazing, although I haven't seen one in white. I think the white bodywork makes it look too tall for its length because there is no balancing roof to give it length. Glad they fixed the headlights though, that was the one bit of the coupe that looks like a cheap kit-car. Just don't like this, just because of its looks really.

4 March 2014
perhaps it's the way the photo has been taken, the proportions of the car can't have changed, but I thought just the same as "ordinary bloke". One things for sure it's crazy width won't have changed, and that makes it about useless for B road driving in the UK.


4 March 2014
...don't really like it.

Wouldn't have a TT either.

Also, wouldn't have a convertible*: I'm neither a woman or a homsexual.

*2 exceptions: Dodge Viper, Shelby Cobra, neither are ladies' cars.


5 March 2014
White is exactly the wrong colour to pick for this car for a motorshow appearance. The glare of the overhead lights is hiding the details and flattening the surfaces. It's going to look stunning in the flesh.

TS7 wrote:

Also, wouldn't have a convertible*: I'm neither a woman or a homsexual.

Seriously? What decade is this again? You should stop over-compensating and have a go in an MX-5.

4 March 2014
Looks like a bumper-car that's escaped from the fairground. White does it no favours, making it look even more dumpy. What's happened to Italian flair and elegance.

6 March 2014
"Alfa 4C Spider Concept wows in Geneva".

Wows? Seriously? That thing is a moose. Motoring journalists are an excitable bunch, aren't they?

6 March 2014
+1 for the headlights.


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