The all-new Mazda 6 has stayed true to last year’s acclaimed Takeri concept, as these first official pictures of the production car reveal

The all-new Mazda 6 has stayed true to last year’s acclaimed Takeri concept, as these first official pictures of the production car reveal.

Mazda has been selective in not showing the new 6 from all angles ahead of its Moscow motor show launch later this month, but the images reveal the Takeri’s basic design themes have carried over for production.

These include a front-end inspired by the CX-5, including a large grille, a curvaceous, stepped bonnet and sleek headlights. Mazda calls its latest design theme ‘Kodo, Soul of Motion’.

The car has not yet been revealed in profile, but the rear shot shows that the Takeri’s sloping roofline also carries over to the 6 saloon. Indeed, Mazda believes the saloon looks sleek enough not to have to offer a five-door hatchback version of the new 6.

The new 6 follows the CX-5 crossover in ushering in Mazda’s new SkyActiv technology. It is based on a lightweight new modular chassis that can underpin anything from a Mazda 3 family hatchback to a Mazda CX-9 full-size SUV in size.

Two new SkyActiv engines introduced on the CX-5 will be offered with the 6. The Moscow show car will be fitted with the firm’s 162bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine, mated to a new six-speed automatic transmission. A six-speed manual will also be offered for production.

Of most interest to UK buyers will be the 148bhp and 173bhp versions of the latest 2.2-litre turbodiesel, which will be offered with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Insiders have revealed CO2 emissions of the lower-powered diesel model will be less than 105g/km thanks to the introduction of Mazda’s new brake energy regeneration system, i-ELOOP.

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Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is a Ford Mondeo rival with rakish styling and lightweight, low-emissions tech

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This was previewed on the Takeri concept at last year’s Tokyo motor show. It features a series of capacitors behind the nearside headlamp. When the driver lifts off the accelerator, the momentum is turned into electricity by the alternator and stored in the capacitors.

This energy is used when the car is stopped by the stop-start system to power ancillaries including headlight and air con, which means the engine doesn’t have to generate electricity. 

Following the launch of the 6 saloon at Moscow will be the estate version at the Paris motor show in September.

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25 July 2012

Certainly from the images it looks really premium,have to wait and see what's inside though,and of course how it drives, over to you Autocar.

Peter Cavellini.

25 July 2012

Rather have a twenty year old Datsun!

25 July 2012

I'd say the 6 has just snatched the title of the best looking family car in one fell swoop!  I'm very impressed with Mazda at the moment; with their new-found styling confidence and amazing eco-technology they're on a roll.

25 July 2012

I love everything about the new Mazda 6.

25 July 2012



25 July 2012

Looks pretty good so far.  Apart from the obvious loss of show-car jewellery it looks very much like the Takeri.  The lines have been softened somewhat, and I liked the Takeri's chrome grille-strip part-bisecting the headlights, but all in all Mazda have done a good job.  Looks like it's going to be the most handsome car in its class.  Wonder what the pricing will be like in view of the strength of the yen.

25 July 2012

Always thought Mazda6 was the best looking Japanese family car. Ignore the badge and look side by side vs a Lexus IS and the Mazda wins hands down. Great to see the new one will keep looking good.

One thing to note,  why is every rear end of a family car looking like a Kia Optima? Its not a bad look, but it seems to be the trend.

25 July 2012

Looks very promising. As others have said I just hope the interior and drive are as good as the looks.

I agree its now the best looking in its class, the title has been taken from the 508 in my eyes.

....Celebrating Great Cars & Great Writing....

25 July 2012

Demoed a current 6 for a weekend a couple of years back and it was good looking, nice to drive, quick but had an interior desperatley in need of an update.

Look forward to seeing proper photos in and out.

25 July 2012

It does look good and that is very true. The 508 did hold the crown for the briefest of moments... If the 6 drives as well as the CX-5 it'll be properly excellent. I got out of the Evoque and into the CX-5 at Milbrook and, jewelry and leather aside, the CX-5 is undeniably better to drive.

Bring back steel wheels.


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