Firm is fast-tracking a follow-up to its iconic F1 hypercar for launch in 2012
Richard Bremner Autocar
2 mins read
9 July 2010

McLaren will launch a follow-up to its iconic F1 hypercar in 2012, more than two years earlier than originally planned.

A successor to the F1 had been expected later in the decade as McLaren instead focused its efforts on setting up a new car company from scratch, developing and marketing the MP4-12C and establishing a dealer network to sell its models through.

McLaren insiders have told Autocar, however, the firm is working flat-out on a new F1, a car described as a “revolutionary” hypercar and one which will be instantly recognisable as such. This is in contrast to the MP4-12C, which has been criticised for its unadventurous styling.

The new F1 is the subject of an intensive development programme said to be among the speediest the industry has yet seen.

The new F1 will be mid-engined and will feature a carbonfibre monocoque similar in concept to the MP4-12C’s. Despite its creators’ radical approach, it will still bear some similarities to the original F1. These, however, are largely coincidental and it is not yet clear whether the car will feature the same central driving seat as its predecessor.

As with the MP4-12C and the original 1992 F1, major emphasis has been placed on saving weight; the new F1 is expected to pioneer many new solutions in this field.

It will also feature novel wheel and lighting designs, both contributing much to its distinctive look. There’s no word yet on the car’s powertrain, but it is expected to break new ground, possibly with some low emission solutions. Standard-setting suspension is also a certainty.

The F1 successor will be the second of McLaren’s trio of new models – the third is thought to slot beneath the £150,000 MP4 12C. The planned price of the F1 successor is unknown, but it’s likely to be substantially more than the 12C. But rather than a limited edition, as the F1 was, it is expected be a regular series model.


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7 July 2010

that's what we want

7 July 2010

[quote every thing you say is right]

that's what we want


because we are all going to be able to afford one ?

7 July 2010

Hurrah! Er... as long as it doesn't look like the render.

7 July 2010

Too fussy, very heavy haunches, the orig car had purity

7 July 2010

well lets hope its a real hyper car that does justice to the Mac F1 name. also hope its fast enough and well sorted enough to show up the Bug Veyron for the heavy and overpowered blob it really is.

7 July 2010

Veryron 1001PS and 1200PS will both crush it. Let's see you do 270mph McLaren.

7 July 2010

Okay chaps, I'll volunteer to push the old chestnut out into the thread:

If one accepts (and you are free to reject) the standard of muscularity and voluptuousness in great sports cars is an Aston Martin DB9, or a Porsche 911, or in the classic category, an E-Type Jaguar, or even the nineties concept they never built, by what standard is that car a beautiful sports car?

And if it is defined as not at all beautiful but dramatic, shaped exactly to fit its function, why the crap thrown at Murray's T25, a city vehicle exactly the shape it must be to meet it's design brief?

(Light blue touch paper and retire .........)

7 July 2010

murray should stick to designing supercars, solve both problems

7 July 2010

OH really!,won't be driven on public roads then will it?,who'll other than professional drivers be able to drive it near half it's potential?,no, people who make cars likethese should be concentrating on the power sources to propel these cars, think about it, a car that runs on a zero emmissions power source,does 100mpg!?, wouldn't that be a better use of technology rather than making cars do 200,300mph?.

7 July 2010

If the MP12-C thingy is going to cost 150k and do 200mph and 0-60 in 3.5 secs, what would the new F1 be like? It would have to eclipse the old one in everyway to justify the new tech introduced in the last 20 years.


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