Currently reading: McLaren P1's Nürburgring goal remains sub-seven minutes
Mood board showing 6m 33.26sec lap time sparks lap-record rumours; McLaren plays them down

McLaren has reiterated that its goal for the McLaren P1 around the Nurburgring Nordschleife is a sub-seven minute lap, despite an image emerging from a presentation to Chinese media suggesting its real target could be closer to 6m 30sec.

The image shows a track clock stopped at 6m 33.26sec, and sparked rumours that McLaren had already set its Nürburgring lap time with the 903bhp P1.

However, a McLaren spokesman reiterated that its goal was merely "under seven minutes" and added that the image had been included as part of a presentation to potential customers as a part of a "mood board" for the P1, as opposed to offering any specific indication of its lap time.

Although the McLaren P1 has tested extensively at the Nürburgring already, the team is still believed to be readying its record-breaking effort for later this year.

The Nürburgring lap record for a production car was set in 2009 by a Radical SR8LM. It lapped the circuit in 6m 48sec.

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DangerousDave 24 May 2013

Well something must have gone

Well something must have gone round in that time, otherwise why would that have chosen that particular time? And what other candidates are there?

owenmahamilton 24 May 2013

I'd rather have one of these

I'd rather have one of these than the lard arse Porsche 918.

Peter Cavellini 25 May 2013

Price dear, price!


Have you seen the difference in price?, tell me,for that amount extra,what are you getting, it's not 100mph faster,it's not any better built, it doesn't have road car heritage to talk of,so,is it just the cache of driving a successful F1 teams take of a road car?,sorry, but if i can get the same thing for substantially less, i'm going to do it,it's like paying £1.32p for 4 ltrs of Milk, when sat right nxt to it is another brand of Milk for a quid,milks milk,paying extra doesn't always get u a better car.

Peter Cavellini 24 May 2013


Eh, controversial, but......yes, yes it is, function over form has seemed to be priority here,i'm not saying it's rivals aren't,but, there is some style to them compared to Woking Wonder car,maybe trying to justify it high price?.