Spokesman tells potential customers only front bumper and side grille will change
Jim Holder
24 December 2012

The McLaren P1 production car will stay true to the concept car’s looks, with only the front bumper and side grille designs changing significantly.

The news was revealed during a presentation to potential customers in New York, which was filmed and has been posted online. Spy pictures of the production P1 car testing had previously suggested changes from the concept car were likely to be minor.

During the presentation, a McLaren employee confirms: "This car is a production car. This is 97 percent of the car that you will be able to order. The only thing that we will add are some vents to the bumper to get some of the warm air from the radiator coming out from the side."

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24 December 2012

And some wipers I imagine...

24 December 2012

It's a bit out there, i liked the F1,but this is has too many curves, i think the Huarya is better looking,ok, it's maybe a bit more Madallion man,but, it's easier on the eye.

Peter Cavellini.

15 January 2013

Compared to the ugly square mockup featured on this site two years ago this is a relief - the curves are gorgeous.

27 February 2013

i like it, i think a set of mud flaps would not go amiss though to keep it well looked after if it could be afforded in the first place


30 April 2013

it is a really good concept and I want to see it on street.


23 May 2013

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26 May 2013

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26 May 2013

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27 May 2013

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