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We reveal the first independent performance figures for the new 903bhp McLaren P1 hypercar in this week's 10-page road test

Autocar has become the world's first car magazine to gather and publish independent performance figures for the McLaren P1 hypercar.

The 903bhp P1 is the subject of this week's Autocar road test and was put through a raft of track tests at the MIRA proving ground, during which it hit 60mph from rest in 2.8sec, reached 100mph in just 5.2sec and covered a standing quarter mile in 10.2sec with a terminal speed of 147.5mph.

Of all the cars Autocar has road tested, only Bugatti's Veyron Super Sport has proven quicker in a straight line – and then only marginally. The £1.67 million Bugatti reached 60mph and 100mph just 0.2sec faster than the P1, and was only 0.1sec quicker through the standing quarter mile.

Meanwhile, neither the Bugatti nor any of the other cars Autocar has tested could match the P1's on-track performance around Autocar's handling circuit. The P1 completed a lap in 1min 6.8sec, a good 1.2seconds quicker than the next fastest car, the road legal but track-focused Radical SR3 SL open sports car.

The Veyron lapped the track in 1min 8.5sec while Ferrari's F12 managed it in 1min 8.6sec. The P1 might have lapped even faster but for two damp patches; one in a high-speed bend, the other in a heavy braking zone.

The most impressive things about the McLaren P1 are not its outright pace – although that is breathtaking – but that such a usable, pliant and enjoyable road car can have such duality of character. And that a car so fast can be so approachable and engaging on a track.

The McLaren P1 is limited to a production run of 375 units, each costing £866,000.

Autocar magazine, featuring the P1 road test and incorporating a 'best of British' theme, is on sale now.

Read our McLaren P1 review here.

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Cobnapint 8 May 2014

Definitely not definitive

Roadster, I would wait for the LaF review before you hoist the Union Jack. The track was only damp in a couple of places, and I'm sure they wouldn't have let it influence the partially dissapointing 0-60 time. The 0-100 time is, however, more like it. As I said before, the K'egg Agera R would probably give the P1 a run for it's money, and Sutcliffe's video review of LaF has certainly given most Ferrari doubters, and I include myself in that group, a kick up the back side.
Roadster 8 May 2014

The definitive hypercar. And it's British.

If conditions were spot-on, the P1 would have had a fair crack at the whip and we'd see performance figures that would rell almost every single rival. We'd easily see a 0-60mph time of well under 2.8 secs while the 0-100mph time would be despatched under 5.0secs. As for 0-150mph, the Veyron Super Sport would be knocked in to the middle of next week, while the P1's track times would be superior. It's just a shame that weather and track conditions weren't prime, otherwise we'd see mind-boggling numbers. And let us not also forget what an engineering and technical marvel the P1 is, highlighting the fact that McLaren are streets ahead when it comes design, engineering, technology and aerodynamic prowess, which serves to the highlight the fact that they are 'the' sports car manufacturer. The P1 is very much a worthy successor to the F1 and massively redefines the hypercar like its predecessor did. It's rivals will be playing catch-up again. And that the P1 is British should make us all proud.
Driving 7 May 2014


veyron ss is pretty impressive. thought somewhere along the line the p1 would make a huge performance impact, half a ton lighter than the veyron but it was never intended to be a straight line car