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Norfolk-based firm confirms race plans
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2 March 2010

Lotus has confirmed it will return to the Indycar racing series on 14 March at Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Although full details are yet to be confirmed, it is expected a Lotus-branded team will run two cars in the championship under the Team Lotus USA banner. They will be Dallara built and Honda powered.

Lotus entered the Indy 500 between 1963 and 1969 and won the American showpiece event with Jim Clark in 1965.

Currently Honda supplies the 3.5-litre V8 powerplants in Indycar, but Lotus is said to be considering a bid to takeover the supply when Honda's contract ends in 2011.

The Lotus Indycar team will have no links to the F1 project.

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2 March 2010

Hurrah ! Now the guy from Ferrari Marketing is doing his thing, I can see Lotus building up quite a following. Hopefully they'll be as big if not bigger than the Prancing Horse soon, but they have to make better cars too though.

2 March 2010

So can someone please explain the relationships (or lack of) between Lotus Cars, Lotus F1 and Team Lotus USA - other than the name 'Lotus' and the fact they all use the badge with Colin Chapman's initials?

What would be great is for all of Lotus' activities to come under one roof, and then for them to move forward in a co-ordinated manner.

2 March 2010

Well done Lotus. I hope it pays off.

It would be great to see Lotus as an engine supplier to Indy.

2 March 2010

[quote disco.stu]other than the name 'Lotus' and the fact they all use the badge with Colin Chapman's initials?[/quote]

Lotus F1 don't use that badge. They use a green background with a yellow stripe down the middle. Same oval shape though.

I think Lotus Indycar and Lotus GT racing are Lotus Cars projects; Lotus being owned by Proton who are part of the consortium backing the 1Malaysia F1 team who trade under the Lotus name.

4 March 2010

The rumor is that Lotus will be involved with KV Racing and Sato. Whether KVRT becomes Lotus Indy Racing and controls both Sato and Viso is unclear. Lotus to also make a run as an IndyCar engine supplier for next formula?

21 May 2010

the lotus is really a great engine supplier. do not know to what extent they might succeed in this one. just a few days back got myself a 1965 chevelle and the engine performance is really great on this beauty.

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