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New Euro 5 compliant powerplant provides Lexus IS-F with same bhp

Lexus has unveiled its revised IS-F at the Paris motor show.

The model has been given a tweaked 5.0-litre V8 for 2011 to ensure it complies with the Euro 5 emissions regulations.

See pics of the updated Lexus IS-F - plus pics of the car at the Paris motor show

Power in the updated performance model will remain unchanged at 417bhp. As with the current model, the IS-F will accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds before going on to a limited top speed of 168mph.

The revised flagship model gains revised headlamps with LED daytime running lights and a new optional finish named ‘Starlight Black GF’.

Inside, the IS-F gets a new instrument panel design in which the rev-counter, speedometer and gearshift indicator are repositioned.

The speedometer and rev-counter are the same size in the current model, but the facelifted version will see the rev-counter take pride of place in the centre of the instrument panel.

Further changes include new dark-silver fibre inserts, revised front seat design for improved driver support and blue instead of white stitching for the leather upholstery.

The 2011 IS-F will make its debut at the Paris motor show this month and will go on sale in Europe soon after. See all the latest Lexus reviews, news and video

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rodenal 6 September 2010

Re: Lexus IS-F engine now Euro 5

It's odd that they managed to get the IS diesel quite so wrong, I drove an original IS200 at the start of the year, one of the first ones and it was a superb car, still very well held together with a very nice, quiet, comfortable ride - I even still quite liked the interior. It wasn't fast but never felt slow and wasn't very good on fuel but made a nice noise and i'd still quite happily own one feeling safe in the knowledge it'd go on and on.

The Apprentice 6 September 2010

Re: Lexus IS-F engine now Euro 5

Of course the IS-F is a niche irrelevance but gets the headlines. The model that needs reporting really is the company car drivers 220D diesel which has been more problematic than it should have and has generally failed to match its supposed performance figures for speed or fuel economy.

But in the name of Euro5 the 220D is being dropped to be replaced with 200D which is actually still the same 2.2 diesel but down from 175bhp to 148 so from 0-60 of 8.9 to 10.2 (it could never do 8.9 anyway) and a bit more economy & lower CO2 - all for the bargain discount of... nothing. I am not expecting to see a huge amount with 2011 number plates on!

artill 6 September 2010

Re: Lexus IS-F engine now Euro 5

Zeddy wrote:
It's looking very long in the tooth.

I think it looks great. The only thing wrong with it is the Auto box. But at least they havent killed it, but instead made it Euro 5 compliant